Feature Friday - April 12, 2019

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  • The Barathrumites are still remodeling. Continue staying tuned.
  • Added new item: blood-gradient hand vacuum.
  • We refreshed how turrets work.
    • Turrets now require ammo to fire. You can supply a friendly turret with ammo when you deploy it, via its interaction menu, or via smart use.
    • Turrets must now reload their weapons.
    • Turrets now have power switches. You can only access them if you have sufficient security clearance.
    • You can now find dynamic turrets -- turrets created from arbitrary missile weapons -- in the wild.
    • Added the following new creatures: low-light laser turret tinker, eigenturret tinker, blast cannon tinker, phase cannon tinker, and dynamic turret tinker.
    • Added two new supporting items: storage tank and gourd.
    • Added a new item mod, jacked, which allows gear to be powered by robots (particularly turrets) who wield it via their onboard systems or from grid power they have access to.
    • Traipsing mortars now use ammo and can scavenge to fabricate it.
    • Seed-spitting vines, thirst thistles, slugsnouts, and agolflies now generate ammo through biological mechanisms rather than not use ammo.
  • Slugsnouts now have tusks.
  • Agolflies now have mandibles.
  • Added a new tile for troll foals.
  • Base troll creatures no longer appear outside of Bethesda Susa.
  • In most cases smart use now prefers to pet creatures, if possible, rather than talk to them.
  • Dart guns and booster guns now use the Pistol skill rather than Heavy Weapons.
  • Grenade launchers now have the correct weight of 15 pounds.
  • Fleeing creatures now prefer to flee into tiles that have fewer adjacent enemies, unless they are panic-fleeing due to a fear effect.
  • Aquatic creatures no longer pathfind or flee into tiles containing liquid containers or puddles too small to swim in. This also applies to player auto-movement while dominating an aquatic creature.
  • Leering stalkers, chrome pyramids, traipsing mortars, and boosterbots no longer drop their ranged weapons upon death (once again).
  • Repairing items via the trade screen now correctly charges the listed water cost.
  • Norm cores now have a power switch that can be accessed if you have sufficient security clearance. They occasionally start in the off state.
  • Liquids that fizz away when using the pour command now exhibit the same behavior when using the collect command.
  • HP restored by life drain is now treated as healing and includes messaging and floating text.
  • Fixed a bug that broke night-vision implants when they were reimplanted after the game had been saved and restored.
  • Fixed a bug that caused phase-conjugate grenades to not shift phase after the game had been saved and restored.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dismembered limbs and equipment to not appear on the ground if the dismembering attack killed the target.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to accumulate multiple beguiled or proselytized companions by leaving them in far-away zones and later returning to them.
  • Fixed a number of bugs involving stat modifiers from effects becoming permanent on your clones.


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