Caves of Qud price is going up to $14.99 in 10 DAYS (April 18th)

Hey all,

The story of Caves of Qud's development is a long one. Twelve years ago we began work on the project. Four years ago we put it on Steam in Early Access. Since then, we've taken an already substantial game and added art, UI, music, sound effects, deeper systems, and a richer world. For a while we've been saying that we'll be bumping up the price sometime before our 1.0 release. Now, as we arc nearer to that goal, the time has come.

In TEN DAYS, on April 18th, we're raising the price of Caves of Qud to $14.99 on all platforms. To everyone who's supported the game thus far, thank you! And if you have friends who are interested in the game, now -- before the 18th -- is the perfect time to give them a nudge.

Live and drink, friends.

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