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Caves of Qud

Chisel through a layer cake of thousand-year-old civilizations. · By Freehold Games


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Tomb of the Eaters Beta #1
Welcome to the first Tomb of the Eaters beta! This is an unpolished and incomplete build of the Tomb of the Eaters feature arc. The beta takes you through the f...
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No patch friday, first 'Tomb of the Eaters' beta early next week
Hey all, There'll be no patch this Friday. Instead, we're posting an early, beta version of the Tomb of the Eaters feature arc—the first of the final few legs...
Feature Friday - November 16, 2019
199.0 There are now sound effects for slotting and unslotting energy cells and recharging energy cells and capacitors. You will now be prompted when attempting...
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Feature Friday - November 9, 2019
198.0 Added more grass variety. Sealed liquid containers are no longer used as random cooking ingredients. Liquids poured on the world map tiles are now lost. N...
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Feature Friday and End-of-Year Patch Plans
Hey all, We want to sketch out our patch plans for you for the rest of the year. Our work on the Tomb of the Eaters feature arc is reaching fever pitch, so you...
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Feature Friday - October 25, 2019
196.0 Added two new cooking ingredients: congealed skulk and drop of nectar. Added three new cooking domains: Agility-based effects, burrowing-based effects, an...
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Feature Friday - October 11th, 2019
195.0 Added two new cooking ingredients: congealed hulk honey and soul curd. Added two new cooking domains: Strength-based effects and powerful regeneration/hea...
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October Patch Schedule
Hello friends, We're doing some traveling in October for Roguelike Celebration and other work-related events, and this'll impact our weekly updates. So here's o...