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Caves of Qud

Chisel through a layer cake of thousand-year-old civilizations. · By Freehold Games


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Feature Friday - October 11th, 2019
195.0 Added two new cooking ingredients: congealed hulk honey and soul curd. Added two new cooking domains: Strength-based effects and powerful regeneration/hea...
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October Patch Schedule
Hello friends, We're doing some traveling in October for Roguelike Celebration and other work-related events, and this'll impact our weekly updates. So here's o...
Feature Friday - September 27, 2019
194.0 Note: this update will break save compatibility. Walls, furniture, and tombstones now occasionally appear with graffiti. If the creature you're dominating...
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Feature Friday - September 21, 2019
193.0 We tweaked the layout of Joppa. Moved the sultan shrine to the map north of Joppa, near the graveyard. Added a guaranteed shrine to Resheph where the sult...
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Feature Friday - September 13, 2019
192.0 Added a Sixth Great Sultan to the history of Qud: Resheph. His history is depicted via shrines like the other sultans but remains the same from game to ga...
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Feature Friday - September 6, 2019
Added a new item: maghammer. Added a new eyewear mod: nav. Added new tiles for the following items, creatures, and locations. Mechanmist rummager albino ape pel...
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No Patch This Week, Weekly Patch Resumes on September 6th
Hey all, The dev team is doing some traveling this week, so there'll be no patch on Friday. The weekly patch will resume the following Friday (September 6th)...
Feature Friday - August 24, 2019
190.0 Arconauts report the continued unearthing of a massive tomb complex surrounding the Spindle at Omonporch. A stolen ledger reveals the presence of catacomb...
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