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Caves of Qud

Chisel through a layer cake of thousand-year-old civilizations. · By Freehold Games


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Feature "Friday" - October 31, 2018
Added some furniture to Grit Gate and Bethesda Susa. You can now properly equip ape fur gear bought from Svenlainard. The Trip power now more properly respects...
3 files — 2.0.156
Feature Friday - October 26, 2018
Added a new item: rocket skates. Added a new music track to generated villages. You may now freely access Argyve's chests once you become his apprentice. NPC co...
3 files — 2.0.155
Feature Friday - October 19, 2018
Hotkey favorites now use the most recent re-binding for commands. Leering stalkers now use their pneumatic pistons again. Hypertractors can no longer move holes...
3 files — 2.0.154
Feature Friday - October 12, 2018
*We changed the way we calculate AV and DV from equipment across similar body parts. *Previously, creatures always received AV and DV modifiers from equipment e...
3 files — 2.0.153
Feature "Friday" - October 4, 2018
New item: anti-gravity boots. Your clones no longer pass on their inspirations for meal ideas to you. Evil twins no longer spawn during game initialization, res...
3 files — 2.0.152
Feature Friday - September 28, 2018
We made a bunch of enhancements to the body part system. Made dynamic body part growth and loss much smarter. Example: if a creature loses all their hand-like p...
3 files — 2.0.151
Feature Friday - September 21, 2018 [Hindren Patch]
Qud's augurs have read the petals on the wind and agree: the deerfolk who call themselves 'hindren' are real, and their hidden village exists. The hindren patch...
3 files —
Feature Friday - September 14, 2018
*Brainless things no longer fall asleep. *Hindren clues should now be more successfully excluded from gossip. *Pressing left on an object in the inventory scree...
3 files — 2.0.149