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Caves of Qud

Chisel through a layer cake of thousand-year-old civilizations. · By Freehold Games


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Feature Friday - October 16, 2020
201.47 Rejoinder is now toggleable. Fixed some cases where stack counts could appear in item repair messages. Made chest inventory generation, and village gener...
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Feature Friday - October 9, 2020
201.46 Clonelings' cloning ability now respects phase and flight. Magnetized items are now disabled by EMP. Magnetized containers can now carry a maximum of...
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Feature Friday - October 2nd, 2020
201.45 Village quests no longer have the chance to ask you to find a location "with a parasang" of another location. Instead, they may ask you to find a locatio...
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Mutation Overhaul: our biggest mutation rebalance ever
The Mutation Overhaul patch is here! This update includes our biggest mutation rebalance ever, new elements of our RPG-style UI, and hundreds of other changes...
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Mutation Overhaul coming September 28th (this Monday!)
Hi all, We'll be releasing our Mutation Overhaul patch this Monday, September 28th. It's slated to: be our biggest mutation balance patch ever introduce more el...
Feature Friday - September 18, 2020
200.97 You can no longer be flying and wading at the same time. Lasers are no longer considered heat/fire damage or resisted by heat resistance. Boxes of crayon...
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Feature Friday - September 11, 2020
200.95 Spindle negotiation reward relics are no longer easily scummable with Precognition. Millstones can now grind grave moss, compacted bone matter, and voide...
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Feature Friday - September 5th, 2020
200.91 Dying from a lithofex gaze now gives a better death message than "You die! (good job)". Phasing in now triggers any appropriate gravitational effects. De...
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