Feature Friday - September 13, 2019


  • Added a Sixth Great Sultan to the history of Qud: Resheph. His history is depicted via shrines like the other sultans but remains the same from game to game.
  • Converted the dates that appear in sultan and village histories to the new Reshephian calendar.
  • Added a new faction: Cult of the Coiled Lamb.
  • Added a secluded shrine to Resheph in the Stiltgrounds.
  • Added a new NPC to the Stiltgrounds: Tszappur, disciple of the Coiled Lamb. Tszappur will muse with you over the significance of the events in Resheph's life.
  • Altered the entry point tile of the Six Day Stilt.
  • Revamped the post-quest dialog for 'What's Eating the Watervine?'.
  • Life drain now properly ceases if the drainer dies.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the attacker to be treated as the defender during some critical hit effects.
  • Fixed a typo in maghammer's description.
  • Fixed some other typos.
  • [modding] Mods can now include a Commands.xml file that adds mod-specific keybinds. The command IDs are fired as events on the player body.
  • [modding] Mods can now include an Options.xml file that adds mod-specific options.
  • [modding] The NameMaker and Tinkering classes are now public.
  • [*][modding] Added a new attribute and interface: PlayerMutator and IPlayerMutator. You can use them to modify the player object before the game begins. Any class tagged with the PlayerMutator attribute is instantiated after the player object is created and assigned, and the "mutate" method is called with the player as the parameter. For example:

    public class MyPlayerMutator : IPlayerMutator
         public void mutate(GameObject player) { // modify the player object before the game starts }


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