Feature Friday - September 6, 2019

  • Added a new item: maghammer.
  • Added a new eyewear mod: nav.
  • Added new tiles for the following items, creatures, and locations.
    • Mechanmist rummager
    • albino ape pelt
    • ogre ape pelt
    • ripe cucumber
    • arsplice seed
    • crystal of Eve
    • Eater's flesh
    • mental aggregator
    • leafy helm
    • croccasins
    • elastyne slippers
    • yeshyrskin slippers
    • ape fur hat
    • plastifer bonnet
    • polyhedral rings
    • eyeless crab shell
    • gyrocopter backpack
    • tread guard
    • VISAGE
    • wool kilt
    • clay pot
    • the rusted archway
  • You can now mod items by interacting with them in your inventory and choosing "mod with tinkering".
  • The tinkering screen now indicates when there are hostile creatures are nearby.
  • Recharging energy cells now takes a turn and cannot be done while frozen.
  • You can no longer apply the following melee mods to missile weapons: electrified, freezing, flaming, and counterweighted.
  • Fixed a bug with the trade/violence reward branch in Kith and Kin that caused the grenade stockpile reward to be only half as many grenades as it should have been.
  • Fixed a bug that made hats ineligible for several mods they were designed to be eligible for.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused baboons to fail to generate as villagers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused unique baboons to have the name 'baboon hero' instead of a proper name.
  • Fixed a typo in the description of effects that alter your move speed while you're in a pool of liquid.
  • Fixed a bug that caused skill-based speed bonuses to world map travel to not work (e.g., bonuses granted by the Survival skill powers).
  • [modding] You can now set the Owner field on objects in the map editor.


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Version Sep 07, 2019
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Version Sep 07, 2019
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Version Sep 07, 2019

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