Feature Friday - August 16, 2019

  • Reclassified various mushroom-based consumables as fungi rather than plants.
  • Reduced the Ego requirement of Menacing Stare (and thus the Persuasion skill) to 17.
  • Feral lah now get XP for kills made by their pods, unless the pods have found a new party leader.
  • You no longer get a popup message when one of your burgeoned plants dies.
  • If you [redacted] while wielding the amaranthine prism, [redacted].
  • Did some more adjustment of creatures roles, fixing several cases of creatures having reduced or inflated stats.
  • Lase now tells you when your laser beam fails to penetrate your target's armor.
  • Items covered in liquid now correctly have their display names modified (e.g., "sticky Mehmet").
  • Effect text that referred to regaining hit points as "regeneration" now instead uses "natural healing rate" to avoid confusion with the Regeneration mutation and clarify that limbs aren't regenerated naturally.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Beguile from working when used via a cooking effect.
  • Beguiling a creature via a cooking effect now uses the correct Beguile level (the one that's listed in the effect description).
  • Made the target picker more descriptive when beguiling via a cooking effect.
  • Changed the wording in the effect description of resonance grenades from "inorganic matter" to "structural objects" to clarify that they don't do bonus damage to robots.
  • Replaced number words with their easier-to-parse numerals in a few contexts.
  • Removed duplicate brain parts from arconauts and great saltbacks.
  • Standardized the spelling of the various tenses and forms of the word 'worshipping'.
  • Fixed some subject-verb agreement issues with unidentified artifacts.
  • Fixed a typo in the dawnglider tail description.


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