Feature Friday - August 10, 2019


Note: this update will break save compatibility.

  • Added a new Tactics power: Deft Throwing.
  • We changed how the Backswing power works. 
    • Removed the Axe version of the power.
    • New Cudgel version: whenever you make a cudgel attack with your primary hand, there's a 25% chance you make an additional free attack with the same hand.
  • Added a new cooking ingredient: congealed love.
  • Glowpad corpses are now considered plant-based instead of meat-based.
  • Made Beguiling's description more descriptive and removed the inaccurate reference to a level cap.
  • Gave the torch sconces in the Six Day Stilt cathedral working tiles.
  • Fixed a rare exception caused by ganglionic teleprojector.
  • Fixed a rare exception during village zone generation.
  • Rare exceptions during the generation of greater voider lairs no longer cause the zone to fail to build.
  • Fixed a color formatting issue in the manual.
  • Fixed a typo in the description of linear cannon.
  • Fixed a grammar bug in Slog's description.
  • Changed the detail color of congealed blaze's tile.
  • Beguiled and proselytized creatures now have beguiled and proselytized status effects, respectively.
  • Fixed some memory leaks with Burgeoning.


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Version Aug 10, 2019
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Version Aug 10, 2019
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Version Aug 10, 2019

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