Feature Friday - July 13, 2019

  • We did some work on Grit Gate.
    • Gave new dialog, description, skills, and equipment to Mafeo, Jacobo, Sparafucile, Dardi, Aloysius, Hortensa, Iseppa, Neek, and Shem -1.
    • Gave Ereshkigal new dialog.
    • Added a new piece of jewelry: silver rondure.
    • Added a new item: umber frock.
    • Made the completion of The Earl of Omonporch quest more robust.
    • Removed a duplicate dialog option that appeared in conversations with Barathrum after you completed 'Pax Klanq, I Presume?'.
  • Gave Tam new dialog.
  • Spacetime vortices now work again.
  • Vomiting on the world map no longer covers a square parasang in putrescence.
  • Sheba Hagadias no longer has the chance to spawn as a creature with no inventory and thus no ability to receive books.
  • You no longer get spurious warning messages when you manipulate an object you don't own but you've already stolen.
  • You no longer get spurious popup messages when other creatures mutate due to a gamma moth gaze.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the chance of falling while flying to be 1% lower than it should have been.
  • Fixed conversations bugging out when there were too many dialog options.
  • Fixed some Oboroqoru typos.
  • Fixed the spelling of the 'statpenalty' wish.


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