Feature Friday - June 28, 2019

Small patch this week as we work on some bigger feature arcs behind the scenes.

  • Added two new rare items: programmable recoiler and reprogrammable recoiler.
  • Abilities that require a particular weapon type to be equipped are now smarter about which weapon they choose if there are multiple options.
  • Added new descriptions for the following creatures and items: qudzu, irritable tortoise, jilted lover, rustacean, salthopper chip, phase spider, and scrap-clad hermit.
  • Renamed safety bracelet to life loop and rewrote the description.
  • Added a message for when a life loop dematerializes its wearer.
  • Butchery's visual effect and bloodsplatter are working again.
  • Fresh corpses may now bleed when struck.
  • Bumped up the bloated leech corpse chance to 100%.
  • Chromelings, plated chromelings, and waydroids in sleep mode no longer appear in dynamic encounters.
  • Otho now waits for you to actually give him the signal disk before leaving his study to discuss the signal with Barathrum.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Otho to not return to his study and discussing the signal.
  • Added some fallthrough dialog for Otho.
  • Made the completion of The Earl of Omonporch a bit more robust.
  • Copies of the sheaf of bloodstained goatskin parchment no longer appear in the world with the title "Illuminated".


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Version Jun 29, 2019
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Version Jun 29, 2019
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