Feature Friday - June 22, 2019

  • Updated the dialog and changed the quest turn-in sequence for Decoding the Signal to make more sense narratively.
  • Added new descriptions to one of the arc sconces, glass, tinted glass, urshiib, newfather, chromeling, chain laser, forcefield, and force barrier.
  • Fixed a bug with Time Dilation that caused it to speed up creatures rather than slow them down.
  • Added more information to the Time Dilation mutation description.
  • Folks now refer to each other with a more intimate appellation after they've performed the water ritual together.
  • You can no longer lay mines or set bombs on the world map.
  • Force bracelets and Stopsvalinn no longer continue operating when you move to the world map.
  • Charge no longer goes on cooldown when aborted.
  • You can no longer take objects while frozen.
  • Limbs severed from plant and fungal creatures are no longer considered meat suitable for carnivores.
  • The overlay inventory screen can now handle it when you have hands but no arms.
  • The menu actions for "learn" and "build" on data disks now have their activation keys highlighted.
  • When tinkering recipes produce more than one of an item, it's now apparent on the tinkering screen and in data disks' descriptions.
  • Forcefields of all kinds no longer fall through holes in the ground.
  • The entire word "blow" is no longer highlighted in the interaction menu for grandfather horns. Now only the 'b' is highlighted.
  • Asphodelytes and faction delegates no longer to spawn inside the building at Omonporch.
  • Fixed some issues with force bracelets and Stopsvalinn along zone boundaries.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the frenzied status effect to become permanent.
  • Fixed a typo in hatter dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some objects to be classified in the Unknown category in inventory lists after a save and reload.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some text to be cropped in the Abandon Character dialog. 
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused liquid containers to generate without liquid in contexts where they should have had liquid.


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