Feature Friday - June 14, 2019

  • Added new dialog for ichor merchants, shoemakers, gunsmiths, grenadiers, armorer, and haberdashers.
  • You can no longer use spiral borers on the world map. 
  • Changed the stats of leather apron and gave it a new description. 
  • Gave a DV penalty to spiked gauntlets but increased their bleed damage and save target. 
  • Updated the description for telescopic monocle. It now includes information on its artifact examination bonus. 
  • Added information about grassy yurtmat's camouflage properties to its description. 
  • Gave vine-weave tunic camouflage properties and updated its description. 
  • Carapaces, quills, and wings no longer show up in armor racks.
  • Latch-on weapons and Hook and Drag now disengage once you're no longer hostile to the target. 
  • Added a message to the message log for when you swim through a tile (you swim when you move through a pool of water that's at least 1,000 drams).
  • Clones of your evil twin are now appropriately described as evil in their short descriptions (appropriate for your perspective, that is). 
  • Holograms and force bubbles created by fugue clones no longer become permanent when the clones disappear. 
  • Time dilation speed penalties no longer permanently affect clones of someone who was time dilated. 
  • When a creature occupies the same tile as a wall, projectiles no longer pass through the wall when they miss or pass through the creature. 
  • Projectiles can now damage walls and other non-creature solid objects they strike. 
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the wrong sacred liquid to be displayed in the water ritual dialog choice. 
  • Fixed a bug with generating certain zones. 
  • [modding] Mod build errors are now logged to a separate file: build_log.txt.


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Version Jun 14, 2019
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