Feature Friday - May 31, 2019

  • Added new autoexplore options to ignore enemies based on their distance and your evaluation of their difficulty.
  • Autoexplore will no longer run into immobile friendlies and stop.
  • Autoexplore and pathfinding will now merely avoid campfires, torches, and sconces rather than considering them absolute no-go areas.
  • When you stop autoexploring or autowalking because you see a hostile creature, the message will now indicate in what direction you saw them.
  • You must now type ABANDON in a prompt to quit without saving
  • Ovens now appear on the alt display.
  • Charge's animation will now display the charging creature's tile rather than its text character, if it has a tile.
  • NPCs no longer waste time trying to charge through solid objects or hesitating when they mean to charge.
  • Defoliant gas now works properly on the plant matter created by seedsprout worms and sprouting orbs.
  • Being dismembered will now interrupt the player.
  • Blue jells now bleed convalessence, not slime.
  • Pouring from a vessel owned by somebody else into one of your own containers no longer confirms twice.
  • Examining or disassembling an artifact that is inside a container owned by somebody else now confirms before proceeding (disassembly previously proceeded without confirming and angered owners; examining in this circumstance didn't anger owners but now does if you break the artifact).
  • Grit Gate medical furniture is now properly considered owned by the Barathrumites.
  • Hologram bracelets now have a 'deactivate' command rather than using 'activate' again to deactivate them.
  • Jotun is back where he's supposed to be.
  • Fixed an issue causing multiple hostiles to spawn in a single cell (most noticeable with turrets)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented renaming of companions after you had already renamed them once.
  • The conversation UI now allows scrolling
  • [modding] Conversation UI has some new overridable methods on ConversationNode and ConversationChoice sub-classes.
  • [modding] Many conversation hooks have events now, see https://cavesofqud.gamepedia.com/Modding:_Conversation for more information

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