Feature Friday - May 25, 2019


  • Target pickers will no longer snap to the mouse location until the pointer moves.
  • Clicking the window to regain focus with mouse input enabled will no longer walk to the clicked location.
  • Various tasks requiring physical movement which did not previously respect being frozen now do.
  • NPCs who are on fire but cannot actually do anything about it will no longer stop moving or acting because of this.
  • When Sheba Hagadias is a seedsprout worm, she will no longer burrow just because she's bored.
  • When Sheba Hagadias is a panhumor, she will no longer immediately die from her own acid pool.
  • Having a scrapped waydroid repaired by an NPC tinker now applies all the effects of repairing it in any other way.
  • Autoexplore and pathfinding will now avoid spider webs, asphalt, honey, sap, and wax more and cider, cloning draught, convalessence, primordial soup, putrescence, salt, and wine less, and will not treat lava and acid that has been mixed with blood as safe to walk on.
  • Autoexplore and pathfinding will now do more avoiding things you might not want to walk on in general, but also be more willing to walk into potentially troublesome but not actively harmful places in order to reach a destination.
  • There is now an option to control the maximum speed of autoexplore, defaulting to 10 squares per second.
  • The inhabitants of Grit Gate will now be more reliably forgiving of friendly fire incidents during the quest A Call to Arms.
  • Cloning draught now only clones creatures (and continues to not clone anything inorganic).
  • Clones will no longer spawn on the world map.
  • The character generation info for castes and callings has been partially reworked. It is no longer possible for most elements of it to disagree with the actual implementation. As a result, some information is new, such as Wardens having the Pistol skill. Another difference is that powers automatically included with a skill are no longer listed if the type has the skill.
  • On the status screen, the mutation list will now scroll if you have more than 12 mutations.
  • Liquid auto-collection now respects the "auto-pickup if hostiles are nearby" option.
  • Liquid auto-collection now takes a turn.
  • Liquid auto-collection no longer takes adjacent water containers.
  • Items you mod while equipping them will now get reequipped after you're finished modding them.
  • Heat resistance and cold resistance no longer apply against temperature changes that would appear to be helping you because they'd be warming you up from being cold or cooling you down from being hot, respectively.
  • Fixed a bug that made NPC tinkers unable to repair items the player did not understand.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs causing flight from items to behave poorly around the items being unequipped, especially but not exclusively after a save and restore while flying.
  • Fixed a bug that made short bow turrets non-functional and immortal.
  • Fixed a bug that made waydroids neutral to the player.
  • Fixed a bug that made the Consortium of Phyta inappropriately hostile.
  • Fixed a typo in cloning draught's name.
  • Fixed a bug that made liquid auto-collection sometimes destroy liquids without collecting them.
  • Fixed a bug where modding an item you were equipping could result in the item to mod stacking with similar items in your inventory and being lost.
  • Fixed a bug that made some village denizens noncommunicative.
  • Freshly obtained village recoilers no longer put you inside walls.
  • Fixed a bug causing Stopsvalinn to prompt for a direction on only the first activation.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed esper hunters to be generated as waydroids who could be forced to friendliness by a droid scrambler.
  • [modding] Genotypes and subtypes have been reworked to be more moddable.
    • Skills are no longer designated via a comma-separated attribute called Skills; now there is a <skills> element that can contain <skill Name="Skill_PowerName" /> elements, as well as <removeskill Name="Skill_PowerName" /> elements.
    • Reputations are no longer designated via a comma-and-colon-separated attribute called Reputation; now there is a <reputations> element that can contain <reputation With="Faction" Value="100" /> elements.
    • Save modifiers are no longer designated via the SaveModifierVs and SaveModifierAmount attributes; now there is a <savemodifiers> element that can contain <savemodifier Vs="Stun,Poison" Amount="1" /> elements.
    • The old Skills, Reputation, SaveModifierVs, and SaveModifierAmount attributes are still supported for compatibility, but a warning will be issued in the game output log when they're loaded, and mods should be ported to the new mechanism.
    • Genotypes.xml and Subtypes.xml now support self-closing XML tags, like <tag />.
    • The <chargeninfo> element on subtypes is no longer used. Most subtype chargen information is automatically generated. Arbitrary text that should be added can be placed in <extrainfo>Some text to show.</extrainfo> elements. <removeextrainfo></removeextrainfo> elements can also be used to remove extra info items. (<chargeninfo> is still used on genotypes.)


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Whoa, lots of changes this week! Keep up the good work, the game is great.