Feature Friday - May 17, 2019

  • The inventory screen now allows filtering (Ctrl+F or ,). Filtering from the overlay UI isn't supported yet.
  • Baetyl locations are now recorded in the journal.
  • Beguiling is now put on cooldown when you attempt to beguile and fail.
  • Tractor beams no longer move stairs.
  • Liquid containers now let you toggle whether you want to autocollect the liquids they contain, if they contain pure liquids.
  • Creatures with whom you've performed the water ritual now have positive personal feelings toward you separate from their faction-derived feelings.
  • The outskirts of generated villages and Bey Lah now have appropriate map names.
  • Sewage eels now respect phase and flight.
  • Telepathy no longer works on creatures without minds or creatures with sufficiently unfamiliar minds.
  • Desalination pellets now remove the salt from a liquid mixture rather than converting it to the other liquids.
  • Objects with onboard fusion reactors now explode with less force when they're destroyed.
  • Your character tile and the tiles of your companions are no longer recolored to white when the option to color tiles according to HP status is disabled.
  • The overlay inventory UI now remembers the open and closed states of its foldouts.
  • You can now delete game summaries from the high scores menu when using the original text UI. Deletion from the overlay UI isn't supported yet.
  • Data disk blueprints for item modifications now include a description for the modification and the skill required to build it.
  • Made some improvements to choice dialogs, including cleaner wrapping and scrolling.
  • Fixed several issues with recoiler quest rewards.
  • [modding] Factions are now moddable. Check out Factions.xml.
  • [modding] You can now add the part VariableReplacementInDisplayName to objects in order to use the =pronouns.x= style referent variables in the object's display names. (These variables are used extensively in object descriptions.)
  • [modding] In-game text references to the player as 'human' have been replaced with referent variables, so mods that introduce new player character species aren't contradicted.
  • [modding] Added category names for the arcologies to Subtypes.xml so new castes can be added to them.
  • [modding] Added scrolling functionality to the Subtypes selection screens ('Choose Calling' and 'Choose Arcology & Caste').


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