Feature Friday - March 29, 2019

  • Added a new grenade mod, phase-conjugate, that causes grenades to shift phase right before they explode.
  • Added new dialog for scribes, vintners, shoemakers, and Issachari tribesfolk.
  • Increased feral lah HP and gave them a flabby leaf natural weapon.
  • Increased tumbling pod explosion damage.
  • We fixed some bugs with the Spread Klanq quest.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Puff Spores ability to fail to work after a save/load cycle.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented many of the dynamic objectives of Spread Klanq to fail to complete.
    • The Puff Spores ability is now removed upon completing the quest.
  • Ice frog corpses are now butcherable for frog meat.
  • Puffer fungi raised as domesticated crops by villages no longer puff at those villagers.
  • The amanranthine prism can no longer be damaged by beating on it, nor can it be unequipped by spraying it with acid.
  • Tinkers now properly repair your items when you select repair from the tab submenu of the trade screen.
  • Canned mystery meat now occasionally shows up in the world outside of arconaut starting gear.
  • NPCs that are susceptible to acid now attempt to get out of acid pools.
  • The messaging around placing objects in containers is now more sensible.
  • The 'collect' liquid interaction command now acknowledges container ownership.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented those with photosynthetic skin from cooking with their starch and lignin.
  • Fixed some bugs that occasionally caused the DV penalty from paralysis to stick around after the effect wore off or that caused an additional phantom DV penalty.
  • Fixed a bug that caused items to improperly remain stacked when an energy cell was inserted into one of them.
  • Fixed a formatting issue on the Quests UI when displaying completed quest steps.
  • Fixed an autoexplore loop bug with water pickup.
  • [modding] Added a "stage6" wish, which jumps to the Pax Klanq quest sequence.


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