Feature Friday - March 9, 2019

  • Added new tiles for yuckwheat and yuckwheat stem.
  • The fate of Bey Lah now more closely matches the outcomes described upon completing the quest Kith and Kin.
  • Nests no longer attack you with fists.
  • Creatures and most furniture are no longer converted into item stacks.
  • Sphinx salt injectors no longer use two injectors every time you apply them.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented true kin NPCs from successfully using precognition to avoid death.
  • NPC use of precognition (via both mutation and sphinx salt) is now more consistent with PC use and interacts more smoothly with Domination.
  • Fixed a bug that reduced thrown weapon accuracy when thrown along diagonal trajectories.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when dominating creatures with Heightened Hearing.
  • Fixed a bug that caused companions to forget about you if you left their zone in a dominated body.
  • Fixed a bug that caused liquids poured into empty containers to have phantom impurities.
  • Fixed a rare inventory exception.
  • Becoming nooks and the Sacred Well now have menu actions appropriate to their uses.


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Version Mar 09, 2019
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Version Mar 09, 2019
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Version Mar 09, 2019

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