Featire Friday - March 1, 2019

  • Tinkering messages are now cleared about which bits you need and which you have, and the list of bits you have is now presented in a consistent order.
  • The game version is now displayed in relevant UI messages such as when a game fails to load.
  • You can now order allies to stay put or follow you (via the Look UI). Staying put only stops them from following you around; they still move to defend you, themselves, or other allies.
  • You can now order companions to move to a location (via the Look UI). They prioritize this command over combat.
  • You can now give orders (via the Look UI) to your companions' companions.
  • You must now be adjacent to companions to give them items via the Look UI.
  • NPCs are now more willing to engage adjacent targets when they can't find a way to move toward their preferred target. They will attempt to hack their way back toward the preferred target if possible.
  • You can now exchange water containers with your companions.
  • Leather whips now latch onto opponents when they hit.
  • Madpoles now use a different mechanism for latching onto their opponents.
  • Thirsty NPCs now sip water if they have it.
  • Autodrink now treats equipped water containers the same as containers in your inventory.
  • Autodrink now shows you the source of the water you are drinking and its remaining volume.
  • Autodrinking with glotrot can once again contaminate water containers.
  • Tinkering messages are now clearer about which bits you need and which you already have, and the list of bits you have is now presented in a consistent order.
  • Slugsnouts are now willing to attack at point-blank range.
  • Fixed a bug that caused legendary companions to sometimes not attack after you commanded them to.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented valid saved games from loading.
  • Fixed some typos in the Templar squire description.
  • Scrap no longer rusts an entire stack at a time.
  • In most cases, like items with status effects like bloody or rusted now stack with each other.
  • Being frozen or stuck in a web no longer interferes with your equipment becoming unequipped due to effects like rusting or the contraction of a fungal infection.
  • [modding] GamestateSingletons used in mods are now properly called.


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