Feature Friday - February 22, 2019

  • We refreshed the Putus Templar.
    • Tweaked the stats and gear of Knights Templar. Among other changes, this included lowering their level and HP but giving them fullerite armor and weapons.
    • New creature: Gunner-Knight Templar
    • New creature: Banner-Knight Templar
    • New creature: Knight Commander of the Holy Temple
    • New creature: Wraith-Knight Templar of the Binary Honorum
    • New creature: Templar squire
    • New creature: phylactery squire
    • New creature: infiltrator
    • New item: banner of the Holy Rhombus
    • New item: Templar phylactery
    • New status effect: war trance
    • Added a templar scout to Grit Gate.
    • Tweaked the logic for party selection in Templar faction encounters.
  • You can no longer throw things while burrowed.
  • You once again reap the rewards and suffer the consequences of kills made by your Burgeoned plants.
  • Multiple lurking beth can no longer populate the same tile.
  • Spinnerets now properly grant resistance to forced movement.
  • The Spinnerets description now includes the fact that the bearer can walk on webs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Slam not to work on walls and doors.
  • There should be fewer game-breaking problems when you dominate a creature and a spacetime vortex consumes your dormant body.
  • Fixed a bug that caused only baetyls to climb through spacetime vortices and rifts instead of all kinds of creatures.


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