Feature Friday - February 9, 2024


  • Activated abilities can no longer be used on the world map.
  • Transmuting the amaranthine prism now disappoints someone.
  • The trade binds Value + and Value - and Add One/Remove One can now share bindings.
  • Gun racks and cathedras can no longer be destroyed by coating in acid or lava.
  • Star kraken no longer extrude the Grit Gate communications panel.
  • Adding local cooking ingredients for when you whip up a meal in Tzimtzlum.
  • ASCII bleed effects now match your bleed liquid color.
  • Gave urshiib albinism.
  • Defanged girshling corpses now indicate their defanged status in their display names.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the hollowed tree to sometimes overwrite a location with existing encounters.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the snapjaw who wields Stopsvalinn to be removed by dynamic encounters.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Sticky Tongue mutation to not animate if it failed to move its target.
  • Fixed a bug with the status effect companions get when you wear Dagasha's Spur and renamed the effect "spurred to teleport".
  • Fixed a bug that prevented forced attacks up and down.
  • Fixed a bug with the coloration of slam messages from rhinoxen charges.
  • Fixed a crash bug due to ashes being reduced to even more ashes when burnt.
  • Fixed a crash bug deaing with infinite move chains.


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