Feature Friday - February 15, 2019

  • We refreshed the banana grove.
    • Changed the stats, behaviors, and descriptions of the following creatures and plants: cyclopean gibbon, red death dacca, gelatinous palms (now called irritable palms), and fruit flies (now called adiyys).
    • Added new tiles for banana trees and bananas.
    • Added a new plant to the banana grove: dicalyptus tree.
    • Added a new disease: ???
    • Added instructions for the new disease's cure to the Corpus Choliys.
    • Added a new cooking ingredient: sun-dried bananas.
    • Bananas can now be preserved into sun-dried bananas.
    • There are now occasionally villages in the banana grove.
  • Many liquid containers can now be sealed and unsealed.
  • You now get the appropriate reputation bonuses and penalties when your companions kill a reputation-awarding creature. 
  • Except for in the starting village, you can no longer perform the water ritual with the wardens of dynamic villages.
  • Pathfinding and autoexplore now avoid aloes.
  • Dynamic item retrieval quests now properly complete if the item is in your inventory when you receive the quest.
  • Wardens are less likely to be hostile to the villagers they protect, and vice versa.
  • Plants summoned by Burgeoning are now friendly to the caster's party leader (and their leader, all the way up the chain). This means your companions can use Burgeoning without causing havoc in the party.
  • The descriptions of reputation-awarding creatures now more accurately reports the correct factions those creatures are loved by.
  • Dominating creatures with Heightened Hearing or Sense Psychic no longer continues to give you hypersensory information after the domination ends or the mutation is removed.
  • Baetyls now take only the number of objects they requested, not the entire stack.
  • When you empty a container to fill it with another liquid, the emptied liquid now appears in your tile rather than disappearing.
  • Carrying a ceremonial vibrokhopesh in a container no longer prevents you from moving to the world map.
  • Fidget cells no longer slow the game down as drastically when you're moving on the world map.
  • Unreal objects are no longer auto picked up.
  • Fixed a bug with engulfing creatures.
  • Prone creatures will now have to stand up before they attack or otherwise act, not after.
  • Companions will no longer join you in new zones while asleep, stunned, or immobilized.
  • Fixed a bug that made paralysis not work.
  • Paralysis now sets DV to 0 if over 0, like stun.
  • [modding] The GivesRep part now acknowledges the properties or tags NoHateFactions and NoFriendFactions, where you can specify comma-separated lists of factions that the NPC is never disliked by or admired by, respectively. If a relationship to a faction specified in NoHateFactions is generated, it defaults to a friendly relationship. Likewise, if a friendly relationship to a faction specified in NoFriendFactions is generated, it defaults to a dislike relationship. If a faction is specified in both lists, the final relationship is dislike.
  • [modding] The LiquidVolume part now has the fields Sealed (a boolean which, if true, makes the liquid inaccessible), ManualSeal (a boolean that enables seal and unseal inventory actions on the item), and LiquidVisibleWHenSealed (a boolean which, when true, means the liquid can be seen while the volume is sealed; if false it cannot).


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