Feature Friday - February 8, 2019

  • Most static quests now award reputation when completed.
  • The maps "behind" the Spindle are no longer empty.
  • Slam now costs a turn and goes on cooldown when used on inanimate objects.
  • Quests with level-based rewards, like More Than a Willing Spirit, now indicate that their rewards are level-based in the quest accept dialog and on the quest screen.
  • The asphodelytes now get along a *little* better with the other inhabitants of Omonporch.
  • Red death dacca are now trees. 
  • Changed the tile for banana tree.
  • Added new worldmap tiles for the banana grove.
  • The attack indicators of lithofex and decarbonizer are now visible even if you can't see the creatures, and they now indicate the full path of the attack.
  • Astral tethering now inhibits the cloning effects of gelatinous prisms and antiprisms. Cloning can still occur but it's less likely.
  • Ontological anchors now have their effectiveness reduced in proportion to their wearer's psychic glimmer (even if it's below 20).
  • Gave the Putus Templar long blade expertise.
  • Tweaked the Putus Templar tiles.
  • Player melee hits now display their penetration numbers again.
  • Clonelings no longer clone your original body while you're dominating another creature.
  • During liquid pouring, containers are no longer emptied until you confirm the number of drams you want to pour into them.
  • Fixed some issues with item stacks and auto-disassemble where scrap occasionally stuck around even after it was disassembled for bits.
  • Fixed a rare bug that occurred when the phased effect ended.
  • Fixed a crash caused by interdictor effect rendering.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally broke the recoiler UI on use. [Modding] Added support for a new zone template tag, <single>, that places the contents of the tag in a single random region on the map. [Modding] Added a new part, Uplift, that uplifts the parent creature object to a named unique. [Modding] Added a new part, Followers, that generates followers for the parent creature object. It has one field: Table (a population table that specifies the followers to generate). [Modding] Added a new quest field, BonusAtLevel, where you can specify if the quest has bonus rewards if completed by certain levels. If you do, those quests indicate that their rewards are level-based on the appropriate screens. Below are some additional patch notes from last week that were left out.
  • Preserving an exotic food now only takes you back one menu step if you have other exotic foods to preserve.
  • Added a UI option to change the take all binding to F1.
  • Added F2 as an additional store items bind.
  • Fixed some lockups caused by attempting to gain another mutation when you already have all the available mutation.
  • Added a UI option that lets you map shift + direction to pagination keys (defaults to no, currently doesn't work for numpad direction input).
  • [Modding] Having a player body without a Stomach no longer causes the game to crash.
  • [Modding] Added new fields to the XML quest specification, Factions and Reputation, that allow quests to grant reputation rewards (ex: Factions="Joppa,Farmers" Reputation="100").


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