Feature Friday - February 1, 2019

  • Added a new book: Council at Gamma Rock.
  • Sapient plants are now considered to have minds and can be interacted with in all the ways mental interaction is supported (e.g., domination, beguiling, etc).
  • You can now throw things through your own force fields.
  • Haggabah can now be detected by Heightened Hearing and Sense Psychic.
  • Feral lah pods now inherit the attitudes of their parent feral lah plant.
  • Lurking beth clusters spawned by Burgeoning are now friendly to the spawner.
  • Visiting a town of NPCs with amnesia no longer causes you to get amnesia.
  • Waydroids are once again hostile by default.
  • Dominating creatures now causes less sudden hostility to develop between your companions and nearby creatures.
  • Brightshrooms no longer get locked onto in autolook mode.
  • Urchin belchers now belch urchins less continuously.
  • Engulfing attacks now respect phase and flight.
  • Thrown weapons now respect phase.
  • Various abilities that respected phase at some point but then regressed now do so again.
  • Sturdy items are now properly protected from becoming cracked.
  • Life and stat saps properly drain stats again.
  • Resistance bonuses gained from cooking with the gland paste of various bearded lizards are no longer permanent.
  • Turrets set up by turret tinkers now have the correct appearance.
  • Turret tinkers and miners no longer hijack control of their input when you dominate them.
  • Girshlings, scorpiocks, and agolzvuvs equip their natural weapons again.
  • Clones spawned by clonelings now spawn with their natural equipment.
  • Thrown weapons are now stopped by physical solidity instead of visual occlusion.
  • Thrown weapons can now pass through force fields that you can fire missile weapons through.
  • Tweaked the stats of a bunch of plants.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs that caused magnetic attraction to destroy the attracted objects.
  • Fixed a bunch of errors that occurred when nest-type objects spawned as Mechanimist converts or the Stilt librarian.
  • Fixed an issue that caused corrosive gas breathed from a mouth to not survive save/load cycles.
  • Fixed an occasional error in randomized character generation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused spurious mutations to sometimes appear on the character review screen for true kin when no cybernetic implant was chosen.
  • [modding] Fixed an issue that caused worlds.xml to not properly hotload when a scripting mod that included it was approved. Previously, you had to restart the game to load the changes.


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