Feature Friday - January 18, 2019 - Stratification

  • We refreshed the underground cave systems, adding new geological strata and several new creatures.
    • Added over 70 new creatures.
    • Added several new related harvestable and butcherable items: equipment, consumables, cooking ingredients, etc. 
    • Added several new rock types.
    • Redesigned the geological strata of natural cave systems by adding new rock types, creatures, plants, and terrain appropriate for the region and depth.
    • Redesigned the last three tiers of metals and added over a dozen new pieces of late-game armor.
  • We added a whole host of other changes, some in support of the underground redesign.
    • Recolored some cragmensch tiles.
    • Renamed gelatinous frustum and gelatinous ovoid to humor and gyrohumor, respectively.
    • Added a new tile for molting basilisk.
    • Added a new tile for broken snail egg.
    • Gave drowsing urchin a new color and description.
    • Changed the default wall type for the hills region.
    • Reigned in the very far out-of-depth creatures encountered during certain faction encounters. 
    • Cragmensch now leave behind large boulders when they die.
    • Urshiib now leave behind urshiib corpses when they die.
    • Swoop attacks now take two turns to execute.
    • Item modifications are more precise now, which means fewer irrelevant modifications such as lacquered leather armor.
    • Cleave, both from the cleave skill and from critical hits with axes, now properly affects the player (previously a bug caused the cleave effect to disappear after a single turn). The repair skill can be used to fix the cracked equipment.
    • Unskilled axe cleaves from critical hits now have a maximum imposable AV penalty of 1. A creature with the Cleave skill making a critical hit has their Cleave-imposed AV penalty maximum increased by 1.
    • Campfires can no longer catch fire and burn away, and campfire remains now become campfires rather than catching fire.
    • Long Blades skill descriptions now note the cases where they apply to attacks with short blades as well.
    • Companions of the player now get colored according to their HP statuses if the option "Color player's @ based on HP level" is enabled.
    • Dominated creatures are no longer permanently recolored bright white.
    • Attempting to pour temporary liquid puddles can no longer be used to destroy certain types of traps.
    • Equimax kicks are now described as kicks, not bites.
    • Rimewyks are now proficient in the skill their bite uses instead of a different skill.
    • Rimewyk freeze breath now properly extends for the 30-square range that its targeting mechanics always thought it had.
    • Reputation-modifying mods now work properly on shields.
    • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to pick up cybernetics butchered from limbs dismembered from your own body, unless you equipped and unequipped them first.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented people from shooting through their own force walls.
    • Attempting theft or murder in front of sleeping creatures who would object to the crime now wakes them up but doesn't make them hostile.
    • Fixed various bugs involving liquid containers (notably liquid-fueled energy cells) being invisibly "contaminated" by liquids they formerly held and spuriously winding up with mixed liquids as a result.
    • Fixed a bug in autopickup water where you would up cycling between water puddle locations if you had a liquid container with mixed liquids in it.
    • [modding] Eligibility for deciding to sleep on beds as an idle behavior now runs on the tag or property SleepOnBed rather than inheritance of the NPC blueprint (and is still disabled by the NoSleep tag or property).
    • [modding] In IActivePart, WorksOnWearer, and WorksOnEquipper now handle shield equippage in the same way as armor equippage.
    • It's a big patch, so several other changes got in, too. Let us know if you see something unexpected.


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