Feature Friday - December 15, 2018

Another small update this week as we work on a big upcoming content patch.

  • Added two new music tracks for Bey Lah and Barathrum's study.
  • Village music now plays in the outskirts of villages.
  • Quest items preservables are now considered exotic foods.
  • Creatures no longer sell their natural equipment.
  • Reduced Slog's base move speed to balance against their buffed move speed while moving through liquid. 
  • Various modded items that didn't stack now stack.
  • Walls render properly again when stacked in a single tile.
  • Added a visual effect for when force fields are stacked in the same tile with other objects.
  • NPCs no longer attempt melee attacks against adjacent opponents who cannot be attacked due to flight.
  • Fixed a bug that caused creatures to become angry at and try to fight themselves.
  • Fixed a bug that made NPCs get stuck behaviorally when a target died while they were using Adrenal Control.
  • Fixed some things making dawngliders and other flyers not behave reasonably.
  • Flying creatures can now perform a swoop attack.
  • Crashing while flying now causes you to go prone.
  • [modding] Fixed an issue that caused some mod file operations to work on lowercase filenames, causing issues on Linux.
  • [modding] ModMasterwork now messages properly if you specify Bonus values other than the default 1.


cavesofqud-windows-default.zip 342 MB
Version Dec 15, 2018
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Version Dec 15, 2018
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Version Dec 15, 2018

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