Feature Friday - December 7, 2018

Small update this week as we work on a big upcoming content patch.

  • Added the Cloaca Surprise and a chronology entry for eating it.
  • Made some balance adjustments to Slog, including a move speed buff while moving through liquid.
  • Gave slugs feelers instead of antennae.
  • Photosynths now bleed a mixture of blood and sap.
  • Telemetric data now appears in the descriptions of certain artifacts when you have a techscanning device, such as VISAGE or telemetric visor, equipped.
  • Fixed some more issues causing zone build failures in Bethesda Susa.
  • Fixed zone rebuilds causing excess memory use in Bethesda Susa.


cavesofqud-windows-default.zip 342 MB
Version Dec 08, 2018
cavesofqud-osx-default.zip 337 MB
Version Dec 08, 2018
cavesofqud-linux-default.zip 353 MB
Version Dec 08, 2018

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