Feature Friday - November 16, 2018

  • We added furniture to Joppa and Kyakukya.
  • We made Tam, dromad merchant, better able to defend himself.
  • You can now cook with salt, asphalt, and cloning draught.
  • Liquids bought from the alchemist can now be cooked with.
  • Meals cooked from village ovens no longer ever bestow a permanent +1 AV.
  • Cooking recipe names are now more varied (there'll be less names like "Baklava with Smoked Baklava on top of Baklava").
  • Adjusted the way fish and farmers feel about each other.
  • Data disk descriptions now indicate if you already know their blueprint.
  • Once open, the double doors in Grit Gate no longer permanently re-lock if you close them.
  • NPCs now don't want to trade their natural weapons as often.
  • NPCs are now smarter about what equipment they use.
  • NPCs no longer compulsively remove old gear before equipping new gear.
  • Fixed a bug that caused companion NPCs not to consider whether they should equip new gear after you trade with them through via the chat menu.
  • If you recruit Indrix after completing his quest, he no longer immediately equips the amaranthine prism.
  • Wardens Esther now equips her shield.
  • NPCs no longer attempt to fire missile weapons at targets further away than their weapons' maximum range.
  • NPCs are now willing to fire missile weapons and throw thrown weapons at targets that are occluded by other hostile creatures.
  • Fixed a bug that caused NPCs to not fire heavy missile weapons at targets protected by force fields.
  • Recycling suits, portable beehives, and other liquid-generating equipment no longer generate liquid when unequipped or equipped improperly.
  • Pathfinding now prefers not to walk over ironshrooms.
  • Wearing multiple compass bracelets no longer cumulatively reduces your chance of getting lost.
  • Burrowers now more pointedly prefer moving through open space to burrowing. This means villages of burrowers won't demolish their dwellings quite so quickly.
  • The default action when interacting with trash is now (usually) 'rifle' if you have access to it.
  • When you have multiple flight effects active, the reduction to your chance of getting lost is now based on the flight effect that gives you the most beneficial result.
  • Uninstalling the giant hands implant now unequips any two-handed items you're wielding.
  • Two-handed items that prevent themselves from being unequipped are no longer one-hand equippable with the giant hands implant.
  • Fixed a bug in weapon penetration display that caused your strength modifier to be double counted.
  • Added a new debug option: 'Show debug text for chance of getting lost'. When enabled, your chance of getting lost is displayed as you move across the world map.
  • Puffer fungi now only puff if there is something nearby that they are not friendly to.
  • Force fields that overlap with normal walls no longer produce a broken tile image.
  • There is now an interaction menu option to gently wake up a sleeping NPC.
  • [modding] Removed most of the extraneous XPvalue stats on creature blueprints.
  • [modding] The NavigationBonus part is now an IPoweredPart with that class's fields and WorksOnEquipper = true. Its Amount field is now a string PercentBonus die roll that defaults to "10". It has the following new fields: 
    • SingleApplicationKey -- a string that, if provided, is used as the name of an event parameter that the part sets on events it is applied to. It won't modify events that already have the event parameter, so that navigation bonuses can be made non-cumulative.
    • TravelClass -- a string used to specify a skill name, like the TravelClass attribute on terrain objects, so that the part only applies to travel in that skill's specified terrain.
    • ShowInShortDescription -- a boolean for whether the part appends its behavior to the item's short description, defaults to true.


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