Feature "Friday" - October 31, 2018

  • Added some furniture to Grit Gate and Bethesda Susa.
  • You can now properly equip ape fur gear bought from Svenlainard.
  • The Trip power now more properly respects the anatomy of its target.
  • The following powers and items no longer work when you're out-of-phase or have a different flying status than your targets: Kickback, Shield Slam, and geomagnetic disc.
  • Select Target and Draw a Bead are now smarter about the target they select if there are multiple potential targets in a tile.
  • Equip and autoequip no longer bypass ownership checks. This means you can no longer equip chests from the ground right in front of their owners, haul them someplace out of sight, and then open them safely.
  • NPCs are no longer immune to the exhaustion caused by Adrenal Control, and they now use Adrenal Control more tactically.
  • Drinking medicinal liquids now affects the onset of ironshank as intended.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented glowmoths and agolflies from using their range attacks.
  • Fixed a bug that caused slippery liquids to occasionally cause twice the slippage they were meant to.
  • Fixed a typo in telescopic monocle's partially identified name.
  • Added a new debug option: "Show saving throw debug text". When enabled, the details of saving throw rolls are displayed in the message log.
  • [modding] In ObjectBlueprints.xml, <inventoryobject> elements can now have a CellChance attribute that sets the ChanceSlotted field on the EnergyCellSocket part  of generated objects, if they have the part.
  • [modding] There's now a general architecture for altering the results of saving throws. The object making the save has the ModifyDefendingSave fired on it, and if applicable, the attacking object causing the save to take place has ModifyAttackingSave fired on it. The attacker's event is fired first. Each has the following parameters: 
    • Defender -- the object making the save
    • Attacker -- an entity intentionally causing the save to take place, if any
    • Stat -- the string name of the statistic whose modifier provides the defender with a bonus to their save. Specify a comma-separated list and the highest value is used.
    • AttackerStat -- like Stat but checked on the attacker and increasing the save's difficulty
    • Vs -- a string characterizing the save. Examples include "Stun", "Stinger Injected Paralysis Poison", "Glotrot Disease Onset". Typically this field is used with .Contains() to scope save modifiers to their desired context.
    • NaturalRoll -- an int, the defender's original 1d20 roll for the save
    • Roll -- an int, the roll after modifications. Changes to this parameter by either event are taken into account by the saving throw check.
    • BaseDifficulty -- an int, the original difficulty of the save
    • Difficulty -- an int, the difficulty after modifications. Changes to this parameter by either event are taken into account by the saving throw check.
  • [modding] Added a new part, SaveModifier, that modifies the defending saving throws of its parent item's equipper. It's an IPoweredPart and has that class's fields, with the following defaults: ChargeUse = 0, IsEMPSensitive = false, and WorksOnEquipper = true. (If WorksOnSelf = true, this part properly modifies the saves of its parent item. Other WorksOn field behaviors may or may not work.) Its own fields are:
    • Vs -- a string with a comma-separated list of strings. If a saving throw's 'Vs' value contains any of them, this part's Amount modifier applies to the saving throw. If null or empty, this part applies to all saves. When one of the list items contains spaces, each space-separated item is matched separately, and all of them must match. Example: If SaveModifier.Vs = "Injected Poison", it will match against a ModifyDefendingSave.Vs of "Stinger Injected Confusion Poison" but not "Contact Damaging Poison".
    • Amount -- an int, the amount the part modifies saves by


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