Feature Friday - October 26, 2018

  • Added a new item: rocket skates.
  • Added a new music track to generated villages.
  • You may now freely access Argyve's chests once you become his apprentice.
  • NPC companions can now become overburdened.
  • Overburdened is now a visible effect.
  • Bioscanning, techscanning, and structural scanning no longer show incorrect DV values.
  • You can only sell unidentified artifacts for a fraction of their value.
  • Containers now take into account the value of their contents when you trade them.
  • Conveyor belts no longer move holograms, flying creatures, or out-of-phase objects.
  • Conveyor belts are no longer prevented from moving you when you're overburdened, frozen, or paralyzed.
  • You can now disassemble an energy cell from the change cell dialog.
  • You can no longer use Flurry or the Dismember activated ability on out-of-phase creatures or flying creatures (unless you're also flying).
  • Enabling 'open bookshelves while auto-exploring' now works regardless of whether other auto-explore options are enabled.
  • Security doors are now treated as ordinary doors during auto-explore if you have Psychometry or a security interlock.
  • Auto-explore now only seeks out trash if you have Trash Divining or Scavenger and you've enabled 'Pick up items flagged for auto-get while auto-exploring'.
  • Auto-explore now seeks out butcherable meat if you have Butchery toggled on and you've enabled 'Pick up items flagged for auto-get while auto-exploring'.
  • Auto-explore now seeks out harvestable plants if you have Harvestry toggled on and you've enabled 'Pick up items flagged for auto-get while auto-exploring'.
  • NPCs, including your companions after trading, are now smarter about which weapons to equip.
  • Broken or rusted injectors are no longer usable.
  • NPCs applying tonics out of your line of sight no longer identifies the tonic for you.
  • Removed the option to trade from talkable objects with no inventories (like the Grit Gate intercom).
  • Dawnglider tails severed via dismemberment are now identical to tails butchered from dawnglider corpses for the purposes of cooking.
  • When you gain an activitad ability, you no longer get the instructional message to access the abilities screen once you've either visited the abilities screen three times or remapped the key to access it.
  • When you have multiple phasing effects active, you now only change phase once all of them expire.
  • Fork-horned gnu now correctly have their hooves equipped again.
  • Arconaut's are now correctly listed as having Swift Reflexes in character creation.
  • Fixed a bug in text generation that caused numbers above 100 to appear as the letter 'y'.
  • Fixed a typo in the effect description of fear-based meals when choosing an effect for recipe invention.
  • Fixed various typos in dynamic text generated while interacting with walls.
  • [modding] You can now specify the tag or property PlayerWontSell on objects to excludes them from the player's side of trade.
  • [modding] WontSell is now supported as both a property and a tag.
  • [modding] Auto-explore object-seeking for cases dependent on the player's build (like trash being sought out if you have Scavenger or Trash Divining) is now run through a generic event AutoexploreObject. This event is fired on the player and has the parameter "Object". You can have a part return false from AutoexploreObject to indicate that the object in that parameter should be sought.
  • [modding] The Corpse part now has properties CorpseRequiresBodyPart, BurntCorpseRequiresBodyPart, and VaporizedCorpseRequiresBodyPart. If provided, these designate body part types which must exist, undismembered, on the creature at death for the respective corpse type to be generated.
  • [modding] Conversation choices can now have the attribute ClearOwner. When the conversation choice is processed, any objects in the player's current zone which have the value of the ClearOwner attribute as a property or tag will have their Physics parts' Owner fields set to null.
  • [modding] EncounterTables.xml now supports <single /> tag XML elements.
  • [modding] Encounter tables can now have <population Table="PopTableName" /> nodes that generate content from the specified population table. Unlike using @ with <object>, this tag enables multiple objects to be processed from a single roll on a population table if the table is set up to produce such a result.


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