Feature Friday - October 19, 2018

  • Hotkey favorites now use the most recent re-binding for commands.
  • Leering stalkers now use their pneumatic pistons again.
  • Hypertractors can no longer move holes in the ground or areas of open air.
  • Closed a loophole with reputation modifying items where the rep bonus gained from dominating a creature and equipping them with a rep-boosting item stuck around after the domination ended.
  • When you dominate a creature, reputation modifying items they already have equipped now properly alter your reputation.
  • During character creation, arconauts are now correctly listed as having the power Spry rather than Dodge.
  • Activated abilities disabled due to astral tethering are now greyed out in the abilities menu.
  • Animated objects no longer obstruct autoexplore and autowalk.
  • Made the Sacred Well less destructible.
  • Improved the text generation for pet plants.
  • Items with long names no longer overflow the frame in the tinker modding UI.
  • Fixed a bug that generated inaccurate "you heal to full" messages too often while metabolizing a healing-based meal.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the stat modifications from Kindrish to rarely become permanent.
  • Fixed some bugs that caused levels in Bethesda Susa to frequently fail to build.[modding] Added a new part, LowStatBooster, for equipment that increases the lowest base value stat out of a list of stats. It's an IPoweredPart and has that class's properties, with defaults ChargeUse = 0 and WorksOnEquipper = true. Its own properties are: AffectedStats (a comma-separated string list of the stats considered; defaults to "Strength,Agility,Toughness,Intelligence,Willpower,Ego") and Amount (the amount the lowest stat is modified by, defaults to 3).
  • [modding] KindrishProperties is now a subclass of LowStatBooster.
  • [modding] IntPropertyChanger, MultiIntPropertyChanger, and TemperatureAdjuster now have the property BehaviorDescription, a string that, if provided, is appended to the item behavior section of the item's short description. Defaults to null.


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Version 2.0.154 Oct 20, 2018
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Version 2.0.154 Oct 20, 2018
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Version 2.0.154 Oct 20, 2018

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