Feature Friday - March 17, 2023


  • The Barathrumites now offer the choice between a masterwork carbine and a masterwork chain pistol upon completing a certain quest.
  • Companions who can technologically generate force bubbles now respect being told not to.
  • Dawning apes are now more convincingly considered robots.
  • Added spitting slugs back to regional populations.
  • Cages now have a new tile and can be entered.
  • Faundren villagers are now docile by default.
  • Made some improvements to liquid freezing.
    • It now takes a larger, more sensible volume of liquid to freeze into large rock walls, for those liquids that freeze into rock.
    • Freezing containers of convalessence no longer obliterates them.
    • Creatures in the same tile as a liquid that freezes into a solid wall now become stuck.
    • Creatures that become stuck from a pool of liquid freezing under them are now immediately freed if the pool melts or is destroyed.
  • Being stuck is now included in creatures' display name, like sitting or lying down.
  • The stuck effect now displays more information about what you're stuck in.
  • When you talk to Sparafucile during A Call to Arms, you no longer reference equipped items you don't actually have equipped.
  • Turbow and linear cannon now have appropriate tinker categories for the purpose of SchemaSoft implants.
  • Added a heavy weapons category to SchemaSoft.
  • Changed the tile and color for fossilized remains.
  • Short display names for liquid pools no longer display the number of drams in the pool.
  • Achievements based on equipping things now only trigger if the item is equipped properly.
  • Food no longer typically has 'equip' as its default action.
  • When navigating to a point of interest that's a creature, you now more reliably go to that creature's new location if they move.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed item duplication when twinning and trining lampreys made new lampreys.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Non-Locally Sourced achievement to be uncompleteable.
  • Fixed a typo in the message displayed when something falls on a creature.
  • Fixed some grammar errors in tomb inscriptions.
  • [modding] Conversations now support negated versions of the IfHasBlueprint and IfWearingBlueprint predicates, IfNotHasBlueprint and IfNotWearingBlueprint.


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