Feature Friday - September 28, 2018

  • We made a bunch of enhancements to the body part system.
    • Made dynamic body part growth and loss much smarter. Example: if a creature loses all their hand-like parts, they also lose the ability to wield missile weapons unless their body plan specifies otherwise.
    • Configured most body parts of the same type in a lateral arrangement and made newly grown body parts respect laterality. This means some body parts have been dynamically renamed (ex: "upper left arm").
    • Limb regeneration smartly respects laterality.
    • Losing mobility-granting limbs now bestows a move speed penalty in proportion to the number of mobility-granting limbs you have left. For instance, losing one set of legs as a spider is less impactful than losing your feet as a humanoid.
    • Creature descriptions are now dynamically modified with descriptions of the creatures' missing body parts.
    • We added new body plans for the following creature types: birds, snakes, worms, snails, slugs, insects, spiders, humanoid robots, bipedal robots, quadrupedal robots, hexapedal robots, treaded robots, hovering robots, bushes, fungi, cacti, flowers, vines, trees, various kinds of animated walls, various kinds of animated doors, various kinds of animated chairs, various kinds of animated beds, animated pillows, and animated vaned and railed mechanisms.
    • Updated several existing body plans.
    • Added some new unarmed attack types for various body plans.
    • Different types of robot limbs now potentially disassemble into different types of bits.
    • Designated severed robot limbs as scrap.
    • Helping Hands now additionally adds a "Robo-Hands" slot.
    • Ulnar stimulators now use charge, have a boot sequence, and only work on biological hands.
    • Jab's bonus now gets more consistently applied when you have the Multiple Arms mutation or robo-limbs.
    • The gun rack cybernetic implant now adds a pair of hardpoints (missile weapon slots that dismember into scrap).
    • The motorized treads cybernetic implant now converts your Feet body part to a Lower Body and adds a pair of Tread limbs attached to it.
    • Motorized treads now add to your stability rolls, like magnetized boots do.
    • Added tread guard items that can be mounted on treads.
    • Adds dynamic messaging around losing and regenerating limbs.
    • Fixed various bugs with dismemberment, limb regeneration, and the process of acquiring a fungal infection on a limb.
  • Hyrkhounds' acid-dripping fangs now do acid damage rather than fire damage.
  • You no longer lose your proper noun status while you are dominating a creature.
  • The following actions can no longer be taken while frozen: Lunge, Swipe, Shield Slam, Shield Wall, Rebuke Robot, Empty the Clips, Draw a Bead, Charge, Juke, Sprint, Deploy Turret, Lay Mine, Recharge Cell, tinkering, and changing stances.
  • Berate and Proselytize can no longer be performed while frozen, except by telepaths.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Menacing Stare to use a much larger Ego-based modifier than was intended.
  • You can now maintain a mark on a target (via Draw a Bead) through force fields you can fire through.
  • You can now Jump into or through a force field that you can pass through.
  • NPC activation of Shield Wall no longer mistakenly displays a message as if they had activated Sprint.


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