Feature Friday - March 3, 2023


  • We refreshed the corpus of game text used to generate text for white-titled books, graffiti, urn inscriptions, and bird dialog. You'll now see text from the last several updates appear.
  • Beak and hooks for feet no longer benefit from having the Horns mutation.
  • Quantum ripplers have a new tile.
  • Two quantum ripplers a space apart now spawn a spacetime rift between them and stabilize it so that nothing emerges.
  • Dyvvrach now only mentions the chiming rock if you've talked to it.
  • Acid humors now leave behind brackish acid pools rather than pure acid pools, meaning they'll evaporate over time.
  • Creatures now have considerably greater tolerance for friendly fire incidents from allied creatures that are not controlled by the player.
  • Flashbang grenades can now confuse creatures that are immune to psychic confusion.
  • Being confused now prevents vantabuds and vantablooms from absorbing light.
  • Unidentified modded pickaxes no longer appear as small boxes.
  • Creatures are now less willing to equip items that have missile weapon, shield, or thrown weapon functionality as melee weapons.
  • Flying companions are now more mindful when swooping with friendlies in their paths.
  • Exiled Keh & Kesehind no longer immediately disappear when dismissed as proselytes.
  • Crafting recipes listed in the water ritual no longer include the penetration and damage values of weapons.
  • Fixed a bug that made thrown phials of neutron flux fail to explode and instead leave behind a strange puddle of null liquid.
  • Fixed a bug that caused gigantic pieces of armor to be considered highly potent melee weapons by NPCs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Stingers to not always sting when charging or lunging.
  • Fixed a bug that caused jump animations to play on inactive zones.
  • [modding] Implanted missile weapons now validate whether they are equipped on an appropriate body part using CyberneticsBaseItem.Slots rather than Physics.UsesSlots or MissileWeapon.SlotType.
  • [modding] Previously, when objects were being destroyed with the Obliterate flag, the return value of BeforeDestroyObjectEvent was ignored, meaning the normal object destroy process continued (as opposed to without Obliterate, where returning false would prevent destroy). Now, the return value of BeforeDestroyObjectEvent is always honored, and BeforeDestroyObjectEvent handlers are responsible for checking the Obliterate flag if they need to before returning false.


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