Feature Friday - September 21, 2018 [Hindren Patch]

  • Qud's augurs have read the petals on the wind and agree: the deerfolk who call themselves 'hindren' are real, and their hidden village exists. The hindren patch is now live!
    • Added a new village: Bey Lah, hidden in the flowerfields.
    • Added a new faction: hindren of Bey Lah.
    • Added several new hindren NPCs.
    • Added a chain of quests: Petals on the Wind, Find Eskhind, and Kith and Kin.
    • Added a new signature dish: mah lah soup.
    • Added a new denizen to the Stiltgrounds.
    • Added Kindrish, the ancestral bracelet heirloom of the hindren.
    • Added a few other legendary hindren items.
    • Added some procedural love poetry.
  • We made a bunch of enhancements to the prerelease input manager.
    • Updated to the latest version of Rewired.
    • Cancel now properly escapes out of most menus.
    • Improved the styling of the control mapping screen.
    • Alt (in the key mappings) + Use now uses the menu-based interaction mode.
    • Changed "get nearby" to "interact nearby", allowing a button to be mapped to menu-based interaction.
    • Fixed an issue that caused navigation of the control mapping screen to freeze.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the prerelease trade screen to not function properly when used via gamepad.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the trade screen mappings from functioning properly on the classic trade screen.
  • Vibro weapon penetration is now visible in weapon stat display.
  • The following actions can no longer be taken while frozen: Slam, Conk, Dismember, Hook and Drag, Hamstring, Hobble, Shank, Flurry, Jump, Heal, Staunch Wounds, Set Limb, Sweep, Butcher, Harvest, and trash rifling.
  • Shank no longer double counts some negative status effects.
  • Conk now takes its target's anatomy into account.
  • Hook and Drag now properly requires an axe in the primary hand.
  • Added a tile for Grit Gate's intercom.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped vibro weapons from consuming charge.


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Version Sep 21, 2018
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Version Sep 21, 2018
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Version Sep 21, 2018

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