Feature Friday - February 17, 2023


  • Spacetime vortices can no longer be coated in liquids.
  • We made some performance improvements to spacetime vortices. They no longer immediately load new zones when spawned, meaning playing with Spacetime Vortex and Quantum Jitters should be smoother.
  • The Discharge power from the Electrical Generation mutation now requests confirmation before targeting yourself.
  • Barathrumite tinkers now spawn with a leather cloak rather than a cloth robe they cannot wear.
  • Baetyl rewards received as part of the [redacted] creation process are now written to the message log.
  • Gaslight weapons now consistently display their powered performance in the tinkering UI, rather than gaslighting you about their stats.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the reputation bonus from the custom visage implant to persist when swapping bodies.
  • Fixed a bug that made creatures with random cybernetic implants sometimes receive implants in excess of their license tier.
  • Fixed some bugs with Juke, like how juking out of your own force bubble left the forcefield in place until you moved again.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented dreamcrungles from becoming sated after you woke up peacefully.
  • Fixed a bug that caused mutation ranks not to stack with the [redacted] if you gained ranks from multiple sources.
  • Fixed a bug that caused [redacteds] with the custom visage implant not to apply their reputation bonus when controlled.
  • Fixed a coloration issue with dromad caravan journal entries.
  • [modding] Added IfZoneVisited conversation predicate, which is true when the specified zone ID has been visited by the player. Fixed the RemoveItem/RemoveSpeakerItem delegates.


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