Feature Friday - February 10, 2023


  • Pickaxes now count as axes for melee purposes.
  • Pickaxes and nanopneumatic jackhammers now display rules text for their wall penetration behavior.
  • Gigantic pickaxes and nanopneumatic jackhammers, and burrowing claws on gigantic creatures, now destroy walls in half as many penetrating hits.
  • NPCs with air current microsensors or optical multiscanners implanted no longer reveal stairs to you. The exception is if the NPC is your follower and close enough for you to hear them.
  • Added an animation to jumping.
  • Arrows wielded as melee weapons now use the Short Blades skill.
  • Dawngliders have a flaming bite again.
  • Turret tinker followers now respect being told not to set up turrets.
  • You now get an appropriate failure message when you try to apply a tonic to a robot.
  • The repulsive device can no longer be taken back from the Children of the Tomb.
  • Conveyor belts now stop animating when their drive is destroyed or disabled.
  • Animated doors and walls are now affected by Slam as creatures, not as walls/doors.
  • Stunning from Slam can no longer allows a successful save on a natural 20.
  • Slam now propels creatures across pits in the middle of their path of being slammed.
  • Slam now moves items on the ground along with a slammed creature regardless of whether the creature dies as a result of the slam.
  • Slam now shakes the camera if the player is anywhere in the chain of creatures moved, rather than only if the player is the initial target.
  • Creatures are no longer blocked from being moved by Slam by non-square-occupying items on the ground.
  • Death due to the damage from being Slammed through walls now has case-specific death messaging.
  • Using Slam while engulfed now results in slamming the engulfing creature in the direction indicated (unless you choose no direction, in which case you still Slam yourself).
  • Creatures that are rooted in place can no longer be knocked prone.
  • You are no longer considered able to move your extremities while enclosed in furniture like an iron maiden, regen tank, or sarcophagus.
  • Removed the penetration cap from phase spider bite.
  • NPC and starting player equipment usage is now less willing to use non-melee-weapon items as improvised melee weapons.
  • Fixed an issue causing fungal infections to misbehave.
  • Fixed a bug that made creatures fail to equip items over natural gear.
  • Fixed a bug with applied tonics that looked at the applying creature's attributes rather than the applied-to creature.
  • Fixed an issue with the rendering of taproot floor in Chavvah's keter.
  • Fixed a rare infinite zone generation bug when generating dynamic quests after all secrets have been exhausted.
  • Fixed a bug that caused amnesia to trigger on the world map.
  • Fixed a bug that rarely caused the Bell of Rest to recall the player directly over an open pit, killing them.
  • Fixed a bug that caused data disks to give every effect when used as hamsa.
  • Fixed a bug that caused qudzu and their symbiotes to not rust your items.
  • Fixed a bug that caused beguiling via cooking effects to always fail.
  • Fixed a bug that caused creatures temporarily beguiled via cooking effects to replace your permanent followers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused limb regeneration faculties to fail to regenerate dismembered treads and hardpoints from cybernetics. (Treads and hardpoints already severed in saved games are not affected.)
  • Fixed a bug when you acquired Monochrome in the body of a dominated creature that resulted in being permanently unable to cure it.
  • Reverted the input manager change that caused some issues on Linux machines. This will re-break some issues on MacOS without the bugfix enabled, but now it's broken in a more historically normal way.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some small inconsistencies in spawns.
  • Fixed a bug that made Slam destroy items on the ground in the same square as a slammed creature in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that usually made Slam's damage message from hitting walls not be displayed.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause crashes when wading and proneness interacted.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some NPC and player equipment loadouts to feature items being equipped multiple times in the same loadout.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause games to crash on startup.
  • [modding] Body parts added by cybernetics (motorized treads, gun rack, equipment rack, magnetic core) are no longer tracked as extrinsic (like body parts added by helping hands and two-faced headgear). They're instead considered long-term parts of the body in the same way limbs added by mutations are.
  • [pets] Creatures no longer fruitlessly try to attack Gloaming or Either/Or. You'll have to re-redeem these pets for this change to take effect.


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