Feature Friday - February 3, 2023


  • Increased the default HP for all items.
  • Increased the default HP for all armor to 100.
  • Put the Phase harmonic modulator implant in cybernetic loot tables.
  • On the equipment screen, when you default interact with a natural weapon, you once again attempt to equip over it. You can press Ctrl+Space to look at it instead.
  • You no longer autoexplore over dilute warm static.
  • Items unintentionally dropped by your companions are now auto-picked-up when the "Auto-pickup special items" option is enabled.
  • Natural gear of gigantic creatures is now always gigantic (including +3 damage and Slam bonus for cudgels).
  • Rampaging sultans who earn a title as a result of their rampage are no longer called the Untitled.
  • Removed the "flower" object from the game but left "flowers", making baetyl requests less ambiguous.
  • Creatures are now pickier about equipping gear over their natural gear if the natural gear might be better.
  • Added some more wall descriptions.
  • Made magnetic bottles in trader (particularly tinker) inventories more reliably generate empty.
  • Tweaked the ANSI in sultan murals.
  • Fixed a bug that made glowmoths and gamma moths fail to attack.
  • Fixed a bug that made True Kin register as mutants.
  • Fixed a bug that made normality gas pumps use two slots even when you had giant hands.
  • Fixed a bug that made some creatures' natural gear disappear when they gained some physical mutations.
  • Fixed a bug that made most creatures' natural gear that had previously been visible in their descriptions stop showing up.
  • Fixed a bug that made the Ruin of House Isner fail to have a guaranteed critical on its seventh shot.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally occurred with Sheba Hagadias's detail color.
  • Fixed a grammar issue with some implant-related historical messages.
  • Fixed some grammar errors in historical information and village quest text.
  • Fixed several issues with MacOS and non-English keyboard layouts.
  • Improved the grammar of some polygel duplication messages.


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