Feature Friday - January 27, 2023


  • Chimeras can now eat the Cloaca Surprise and Crystal Delight.
  • Extra floating nearby slots you obtain are no longer removed by transformative meals.
  • Any time the player is forced to drop an item, that item is now considered a "special item" until the next time the player or a companion of the player picks it up, meaning autoget will pick it up if "Auto-pickup special items" is on.
  • Space-time vortices caused by Quantum Jitters now have a short delay before they begin moving.
  • Creatures' natural weaponry can now be equipped over, generally. This change resolves various cases of natural weapons appearing twice in creature descriptions. It also allows creatures to equip items over some natural weapons, like bites and claws.
  • Shield Wall can no longer be activated without a shield equipped.
  • Natural gear can now be interacted with from the equipment screen.
  • Gigantic items can no longer be randomly generated by tinkering.
  • Transkinetic cuffs are now actually spawnable.
  • Extradimensional True Kin are no longer unable to install implants. (Existing instances in saves will not be affected.)
  • Made metachrome weapons count as gigantic (and so get the +3 bonus) but reduced their base damage roughly by half.
  • Palladium electrodeposits now implant into the head slot of your [redacted], if available.
  • The "Auto-pickup ammo" option no longer strips energy cells out of devices.
  • You can now harvest plump mushrooms from mushroom cases.
  • You can no longer pour neutron flux to or from magnetic bottles if they aren't in working order.
  • You're now warned when pouring neutron flux from a magentic bottle to an unsafe container.
  • Schrodinger pages now display their faction when offered as a reward.
  • Renamed cactus cherub to fractus cherub.
  • Fractus cherubim are now considered members of the fractus species.
  • All urshiib now have the Triple-jointed mutation.
  • You can now throw recycling items or items fitted with filters down the Sacred Well.
  • Turret tinkers are considered now hexapedal robots.
  • Robot cheburim are now considered wheeled robots.
  • Drillbots have short blades skills now.
  • Pulse field magnets can no longer pull away natural gear.
  • Small spheres of negative weight can now have some mods.
  • You can no longer get infinite chrome keys from Otho.
  • The hindren of Bey Lah are now interested in secrets about Kindrish.
  • Heartbiter goatfolk now have the modern Adrenal Control mutation instead of the old one.
  • Asphodel no longer becomes unresponsive at certain phases in the Earl of Omonporch quest.
  • The gesticulating mod strength bonus now scales with item tier.
  • Wheeled creatures like the mopango charioteer now have two wheels.
  • Phase cannons are now considered heavy weapons.
  • You can no longer get Chavvah's roaming keter by traveling to the map above Eyn Roj.
  • Modified the stats of Wardens Esther so that they appropriately spawn 4 clones with Temporal Fugue.
  • Table [redacted] no longer have blue detail color.
  • Fixed a bug that caused skulk injectors not to be consumed if you were already under the effects of one.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain invalid limbs to break the Atzmus menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused old saves with Issachari present to behave strangely.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some effects not to be listed in your status effects readout on the main screen.
  • Fixed the pronoun for the Slam bonus in the description of gigantic plural weapons.
  • Fixed a grammar issue in message for fully identifying an artifact.
  • Fixes Tau's gender.
  • Fixed some grammar in generated text.
  • [modding] Robots and [redacted] are no longer considered mutants by the method GameObject.IsMutant().
  • [modding] Fixed an error that could occur with custom Options.xml loading
  • [modding] Added optional predicates to several GetCreatureAroundPlayerLevel methods in EncountersAPI.
  • [modding] ModColossal is no longer hardcoded to be disallowed as a bonus mod, so its settings in Mods.xml are better adhered to.


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