Feature Friday - January 13, 2023


  • Added a tree [redacted].
  • Fulling identifying an artifact now gives a different message than partially identifying it.
  • Magnetic bottles now alert you when they're nearly out of power.
  • Magnetic bottles generated in vendor inventories are now always empty.
  • Great magma crabs now bleed lava.
  • Ink now has value.
  • Having something explode in your inventory while you're on the world map no longer destroys significant portions of the world map.
  • Village mayors, wardens, tinkers, apothecaries, and merchants can no longer generate hidden.
  • Somewhat reduced the priority Repair has as the default interaction on repairable items.
  • You are now always able to make contact with equipped or inventory items for the purpose of repairing them.
  • Creatures resistant to acid and heat are now more willing to traverse acid and lava, respectively.
  • Extradimensional dromad hunters no longer spawn with their caravans.
  • The masterwork carbine now bears Sparafucile's mark in its display name.
  • Gave sandals of the river-wives a different tile.
  • You can no longer eject from the [redacted] on the world map.
  • Added some new creature descriptions.
  • The repulsive device is now marked as important.
  • Dormant waydroids are now marked as quest items.
  • Deleted some extraneous conversation for Aoyg-No-Longer.
  • Attempting to build a campfire in open air or over a pit now generates a better failure message.
  • Fixed Klanq's pronouns in Barathrum's dialog.
  • Fixed some bugs with the partially identified states of recoilers and chiral rings.
  • Fixed a bug that caused creatures to spawn over pits in some contexts.
  • Fixed a bug that with the Six Day Stilt n-pointed asterisk buff.
  • Fixed a bug that caused repair attempts on scrapped waydroids to cost energy when they shouldn't have.
  • [pets] Esbear is now of species bear. You'll have to re-redeem him for this change to take effect.


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