Feature Friday - December 23, 2022


  • We made some balance changes to the [redacted].

    • Metachrome weapons no longer have a penetration cap.
    • Vastly increased tortoise [redacted] Carapace rank.
    • Vastly increased cragmensch [redacted] AV and strength.
    • Removed the malus for installing cybernetic implants as the hamsa of the [redacted].
    • Gave oddities a new body.

  • Faction delegates should behavior a little more cordially during the Omonporch negotiation.
  • Spark ticks are now considered arachnids.
  • Night-sight interpolators are now considered metal.
  • Made camel bladders a little more common.
  • You no longer rifle through trash (and spend the action cost doing so) while charging through it.
  • Tweaked Triple-Jointed description.
  • Holographic trees now appear more rarely in village farms.
  • Plucking coral polyps while confused now displays a confused name for the polyp.
  • Followers no longer Slam themselves constantly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused hexagonal crystals to always appear magenta.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the sidebar to hide while pressing Shift and entering text.
  • Fixed a bug that caused natural equipment to be damageable.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some dynamic locations to not properly trigger checkpoints.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the numpad workaround for the MacOS13 Unity bug to not register entries in some menus.
  • Fixed a typo in pet Ercolano's description. Redeem this pet again to get the fix.
  • Fixed a body bug with the pet Recall Star.

    Below are some additional notes from the Moon Stair patch.

    • You can now delete recipes from your journal.
    • Syphon Vim no longer affects inorganic creatures, as indicated by its rules text.
    • Modern UI text input boxes now escape & and ^ color formatting codes. The new color formatting style (e.g. {{color|shaders}}) still works.
    • Fixed another bug that made point-defense drones fail to fire at thrown objects.
    • Fixed a bug with controller targeting.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the next command to be ignored after you used the Move to Zone Edge command.
    • Fixed a bug that caused creatures to not use Slam.
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the game to freeze on the Freehold Games loading screen due to errors loading mods.
    • Fixed a bug that caused build codes with selected gender or pronoun sets to fail to load correctly. This should fix errors with the last character option during character creation.
    • [modding] Added additional logging for ObjectBlueprints.XML errors: missing inherits and missing <objects> tag.
    • [modding] Made the hateReasons and likeReasons on XRL.World.Parts.GenerateFriendOrFoe and GenerateFriendOrFoe_HEB public.


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