Feature Friday - December 9, 2022

204.45 - 'beta' branch

  • Added a new signature dish to Chavvah: Crystal Delight.
  • Added a new tile for diplomacy droid.
  • Added a dynamic description for the [redacted].
  • Added more Barathrumite dialogue for late-game quests.
  • Refined the crystalline properties of Chavvah, the Tree of Life.
  • Made some refinements to the experience of getting dreamcrungled.
  • The pipes in [redacted] now flow with a mixture of primordial soup and your chosen catalyst.
  • The [redacted] crab is now correctly considered a proper noun.
  • Added abilites and equipment to Tau's companion.
  • Tweaked the stats of palladium mesh tabbard and psychodyne helmet.
  • Made some additional minor tweaks to psychodyne helmet, black mote, palladium mesh tabard, and dazzle cheek.
  • Added descriptions for grounding shunts and social co-processor.
  • Added descriptions for psychodyne helmet, black mote, palladium mesh tabard, dazzle cheek, crystalline halo, and crystalline jile.
  • Added descriptions for crystalline trunk, crystalline branch, crystalline taproot, crystal leaves, crystal key, spiral staircase, chiming rock, and glowing soft.
  • Added descriptions for Dyvvrach, Miryam, Tzedech, Tivka, _, Thicksalt, Tammuz, the Tau variants, Aoyg-no-Longer, and the still chime.
  • Updated several sounds.
  • Removed the watervine step sound.
  • Added some chronology entries for important Moon Stair actions.
  • Changed the color of severed [redacted] limbs.
  • Warm static now distorts skills as well as powers.
  • Ejection seats now lock into place when returned after ejecting.
  • Added a new option under the Controls section named "MacOS13 Unity Keypad Bug Workaround" as a prospective fix for users on MacOS 13.x having issues with numpad.
  • Fixed some issues with temporary mutations not granting their abilities and bonuses.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused you to turn blue.
  • Fixed a bug that made gigantic trade goods much more common than they should be.
  • Fixed a bug that caused [redacted] without poetic features to be unbuildable.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the interior of [redacted] that survived death via effects like Precognition to behave strangely.
  • Fixed a bug that caused zones to be suspended almost immediately upon leaving them.
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to become stranded upon completing a crungle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused non-standard metachrome limbs (such as Back, Feet, or Arm weapons) to be ineligible for offhand attacks.
  • Fixed a bug that caused psychic hunters to spawn over pits that'd cause them to immediately fall to their death.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some popups in the classic UI to cut off the last word.
  • Fixed an exception when warm static applied the Springing effect.
  • Fixed an issue where Suppressive Fire wasn't showing up in the abilities menu.
  • Fixed a few crash and a few other bugs with the Continue screen when there were invalid or corrupt info files.


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