Feature Friday - November 25, 2022

204.41 - 'beta' branch

  • Added a new plant to the Moon Stair: noisegrass.
  • Added a new harvestable: bundle of noisegrass.
  • Added a new cooking ingredient: wild rice.
  • Added a new item: leyline puppeteers.
  • The following cybernetic implants all had their bonuses raised from +1 to +2: bionic hands, bionic arm, bionic heart, dopamine synth, and beautiful visage.
  • Beautiful visage now costs 3 license points.
  • Added some cybernetic credits wedges to certain places on the Moon Stair.
  • Added wheeled, goat, and crystal variants of [redacted].
  • We made some balance changes to blast cannon.
    • Increased accuracy.
    • Increased damage.
    • Increased concussive force on impact.
    • Increased cell energy cost per fire.
    • Changed the cooldown from 1d4 to 2.
  • Relic containers are now considered important.
  • Added a variety of visual effects for Moon Stair objects and interactions.
  • Added descriptions for the following creatures and items: zero jell, unimax, dreamcrungle, dawning ape, n-dimensional starshell, drem wren, leering stalker, chrome pyramid, blast cannon, and swarm rack.
  • Renamed the liquid container zero jells occasionally drop to entropy cyst and gave it a new tile.
  • Added a new tile for recoilers.
  • Added a new tile for Santalalotze.
  • Changed leering stalker's ASCII color to bright red.
  • Fixed an issue with page up and page down binds overriding some ctrl+up and ctrl+down binds. You may have to rebind existing binds using those keys if you have customized them.
  • Fixed an issue with page up and page down binds in the prerelease input manager.
  • Fixed a bug where some creatures were incorrectly receiving bonuses for mutations they had as if they were rank 1 instead of the rank they actually were.
  • Fixed a bug with autoget while flying that required landing to take items on the ground.
  • Fixed a bug when a non-player creature used a timecube that caused you to get messages as if you used it.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the new missile weapon UI to not update properly.
  • [modding] added 'findimportant' and 'fetchimportant' wishes.


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