Feature Friday - November 18, 2022

204.38 - 'beta' branch

  • Added a new mouse cursor and an option to disable it or choose an alternate color scheme (Options > Overlay UI > Mouse cursor).
  • Added more status effect possibilities to dilute warm static.
  • Made all the Chavvah entities water ritualable. More changes to the Chavvah faction are in progress.
  • We made some balance changes to the Hamsa component of [redacted].
    • The action cost reduction for melee weapons was reduced from 25% to 15%.
    • Figurines now award reputation with the factions of the creatures they depict.
    • Cybernetic implants now reduce the toughness of the [redacted] by an amount equal to their license cost.
    • Teleport-granting items now give Teleport 6 instead of Teleport 1.
  • Added [redacted].
  • Added "If, Then, Else" post-quest dialogue for Tammuz.
  • Raised scorpiock's level and lowered their AV.
  • When using the modern UI you can now zoom out past your default setting, going to "Fit" mode, then "Fullscreen".
  • Added a "Wait Menu" keybind to the legacy key mapping.
  • Removed the outdated "Display a background image when letterboxing" option.
  • Improved performance when moving through liquids, particular during autoexplore.
  • Particle simulation now has a fixed timestep.
  • Fixed a bug that caused imaginary objects to be flammable.
  • Fixed a bug that caused imaginary objects to vaporize if they reached vapor point.
  • Fixed a bug that caused particles to stack up in look and targeting views.
  • Fixed a bug with item naming popups in the console UI.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the play area to dissapear behind item interaction popups.
  • Fixed some auto collection bugs for liquids.
  • Fixed ability bar buttons not greying out properly.
  • Fixed "Wait 1 Turn" option not working properly in the wait menu.
  • Fixed a bug where prerelease inventory UI screens were appearing below the play area.
  • Fixed a bug where autoget would pick up fancy furniture.
  • Fixed a bug that caused village merchants to fail to spawn.
  • Fixed a bug where each village history entry in your journal contained histories from every village.
  • Fixed a bug with arrow keys improperly paging through modern UI controls.
  • Fixed the sizing of popup message windows with long scrollbars.
  • Fixed a bug where "Take all" would fail to pick up everything if you had previously dropped any of the items.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some shale walls to become invisible.
  • Fixed a bug that caused zones to stay in memory for too long.
  • [modding] All XML files are now parsed based on their root element and can thus be reorganized within subdirectories and renamed to anything.
  • [modding] Skill entries can now set the Hidden flag to remove them from the Skills menu until they has been acquired via other means.


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