Feature Friday - August 17, 2018

  • Added two new creatures: feral lah and tumbling pod.
  • Added a new plant: lahbloom with harvestable lah petals.
  • Added a new cooking ingredient: dried lah petals.
  • Added a new option to the campfire menu: preserve exotic foods. This option is for manually preserving foods that are otherwise consumable and so excluded from bulk preservation.
  • Luminous hoarshrooms now preserve into freeze-dried hoarshrooms.
  • Shade oil tonics now preserve into congealed shade oil.
  • Updated tile for luminous hoarshroom consumable.
  • Pickled mushrooms and freeze-dried hoarshrooms now count as mushrooms for the purpose of triggering mushroom-related meal effects.
  • You can no longer preserve things that you haven't identified.
  • Gave mutated flowers and bushes more appropriate stats.
  • Fixed a rare exception when inanimate objects called for help after suffering lethal damage.


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Version 2.0.147 Aug 18, 2018
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Version 2.0.147 Aug 18, 2018
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Version 2.0.147 Aug 18, 2018

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