Feature Friday - November 11, 2022

204.32 - 'beta' branch

  • Moved the Pixel Perfect and Dock options to the Overlay UI section.
  • Added a new option for "Play area scale" with three choices.
    • Fit - fits the whole play area on screen. May necessitate letterboxing.
    • Cover - ensures the play area covers the screen. Minimizes letterboxing.
    • Pixel Perfect - sizes the play area to an integer multiple of the pixel art. Maximizes sharpness.
  • Changed the default setting for the modern UI play scale from Fit to Cover.
  • General UI note: if the camera is zoomed in so that the whole play area doesn't fit on the screen, you may notice the UI switching to fullscreen Fit mode when you take certain actions that still have unfinished UI elements (like Interact nearby). This is done to prevent the old UI elements from becoming unreadable at the zoomed in scales. As we add continue to add modern UI elements, it'll stop happening.
  • Added a new option to disable the mouse-clickable zone transition arrows that appear when the map is zoomed in (Options > Overlay UI > Disable mouse-clickable zone transition border arrows).
  • The mouse cursor now hides itself when the mouse is stationary.
  • Removed the unintentional fade-in effect when tooltips appear.
  • The "lost" status effect now transfers between you and your [redacted]. You can no longer ask your [redacted] for directions.
  • Firing ranged weapons now more accurately targets flying creatures rather than the trash beneath them.
  • Added ability bar navigation and activation keybinds to the legacy input manager.
  • Fixed a bug with modern UI keybinds using modifier keys in the legacy input manager.
  • Fixed a bug that caused music tracks to improperly restart when entering a new zone.
  • Fixed a bug where having the "Enable additional overlay UI elements" on and then disabling the "Enable modern UI elements" option left the game in an unusable state.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Astral creatures to flicker in and out of phase while traveling on the world map
  • Fixed an exception with throw animations.
  • Fixed a rare exception in the "corrected vision" status effect.
  • Fixed a rare exception in the "immobilized" status effect.


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Version Nov 12, 2022
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Version Nov 12, 2022
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Version Nov 12, 2022

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