Feature Friday - August 10, 2018

  • Added a new item: fidget cell.
  • Added new level-up sound effects for both the player and other creatures.
  • You can now pet all village pets.
  • Hyrkhounds are now properly considered dogs.
  • Mental mutation levels granted by equipment and meals now count toward your psychic glimmer. Note that this change applies to true kin, too.
  • Hindren clue items no longer appear as randomly revealed secrets via trash divining or mumble mouth. 
  • The 'Leap, Frog' achievement can no longer be attained by learning to jump from someone other than a frog.
  • Enabling autoget scrap no longer autogets any artifact that can be disassembled.
  • Walking next to a regeneration tank with freshwater and artifact autoget enabled no longer mysteriously obliterates the tank into a puddle of freshwater.
  • Temporal fugue clones of NPCs now reliably get along with their clone-parent and clone-siblings.
  • Cybernetic implants on temporal fugue clones are no longer recoverable via dismembering.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the temporal fugue clones of psychic hunters and evil twins to have infinite duration.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some items thrown by temporal fugue clones not to properly dematerialize.
  • The description of regeneration tank now more clearly communicates what the item requires in order to function.
  • Tweaked some Mechanimist holy language.


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Version 2.0.146 Aug 11, 2018

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