Feature Friday - August 3, 2018

  • Cats and dogs now let you pet them if they like you. Some domesticated cats and dogs will let you pet them if they merely tolerate you.
  • New book: Eta and the Earthling, Canto I.
  • Changed the name of a character in From Entropy to Hierarchy.
  • Energy cells now only stack if they have the same charge level.
  • Two-faced helmets and helping hands no longer prevent body parts other than the ones they're adding from being dismembered.
  • Equipping headgear into a slot currently occupied by a two-faced helmet no longer annihilates the headgear being equipped.
  • Updated Mental Mirror's description to better reflect its implemented behavior.
  • Fixed an issue causing chrome pyramids to fail to generate their force fields.


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Version 2.0.145 Aug 04, 2018
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Version 2.0.145 Aug 04, 2018
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Version 2.0.145 Aug 04, 2018

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