Feature Friday - June 24, 2022


  • Added polished varieties of the rough gemstones. They're rarer and a bit more valuable.
  • Powered rock tumblers can now tumble rough gemstones into polished ones.
  • Temporal Fugue now clones into many more tiles, in particular ones with liquid puddles below swimming depth, gases, and traversable furniture in them.
  • Force bracelets can now be overloaded.
  • Thermo casks and high-energy thermo casks now display status information for the portions of their capabilities that only take effect once their startup sequence is complete.
  • You can now select multiple options at once when giving books to Sheba, or sharing secrets with Tszappur.
  • Added an option to suppress popups when noting information in your journal (Prompts > Display popups when noting information in your journal).
  • The location of the Hydropon will now be noted in your journal when visited.
  • Fix-It spray foam now repairs scrapped waydroids.
  • You can no longer repair things you are out of phase with.
  • Dynamically generated comma-separated lists of items now use semicolons for separation if any of the items in the list already contain commas.
  • When trading with tinkers, the space menu now only generates identify, repair, and recharge actions for potentially appropriate items.
  • When a piece of furniture that a dynamic quest expects you to place something in or on spawns as a newly sentient being, you are now always allowed to trade with that being regardless of whether they have anything in their inventory.
  • When trading items to an animated piece of furniture that is normally a container, this is now tracked as putting something in or on them.
  • "Arm" is no longer typically the default interaction for disarmed mines on the ground.
  • Dromad traders once more address the player by species, and now make an effort to get it right when the player is not a human.
  • Dying while confused or overdosing on hulk honey no longer distorts the name of the most advanced artifact in your possession.
  • Attacking a stack of inanimate objects no longer damages the entire stack at once.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some village inhabitants to be unable to give you directions when you're lost.
  • Fixed a bug that caused reputation bonuses from your subtype selection to not be applied.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the interaction prompt to be displayed when puffing on hookahs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused fungal infections and luminous hoarshrooms to have an action cost when sprouting.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented luminous hoarshrooms from sprouting.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dynamic quest items to occasionally be nonspecified "items" that would disappear when obtained.
  • Fixed a bug that made more things red when overdosing on hulk honey than were supposed to be.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sultan shrines to render beneath doorways.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused zone floors to generate as white dots.
  • [debug] Added "terrainencounters" wish to display a clickable map of your remaining surface terrain encounters.
  • [modding] Fixed a bug that prevented the Dragging field from being set in movement MinEvents other than LeaveCellEvent.
  • [modding] Fixed several warnings when installing mods with custom textures.
  • [modding] Mods will now be listed with their title in the save game mod configuration dialog.
  • [modding] Genotype and subtype tags in Genotypes.xml and Subtypes.xml can now specify a Species attribute, which can be used to override the genotype default of "human".


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