Feature Friday - June 17, 2022


  • Added an option to display full level up information for your followers. (Prompts > "Display full level up message for followers")
  • Legendary newly sentient beings now have more sensible names and titles.
  • Achievements based on killing a creature are now awarded when a companion lands the killing blow.
  • Kindrish can no longer be modded.
  • Kindrish can no longer be returned to the hindren multiple times.
  • When you create a recipe from a meal with Canned Have-It-All as an ingredient, the recipe's replacement ingredient is now always a valid ingredient.
  • Wardens Esther can no longer spawn hated by the Merchants' Guild. They can now spawn hated by dromaids, however.
  • The descriptions of meals cooked with liquid ingredients now include liquids themselves rather than their containers.
  • Autoexplore is now less willing to walk up next to a hostile aquatic creature that cannot itself approach you.
  • The missile weapon Fire binding now works to activate an ability when targeting with the prerelease input manager.
  • Fixed a bug that caused cybernetic implants meant to occupy equipment slots on implantation to fail to do so and appear in inventory, resulting in inappropriate behavior.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the red targeting indicator for lithofex's gaze to disappear after loading a save.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from pouring across map boundaries.
  • Fixed a typo in brooding rosepuff's description.
  • Fixed a bug that caused penetrating radar to show the identified tiles for unidentified items stuck in walls.
  • Fixed a bug in diagonal movement in target pickers when prerelease input manager is enabled.
  • [modding] Added GetLevelUpDiceEvent and GetLevelUpPointsEvent to alter stats gained from level ups without defining a new genotype or subtype.


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