Feature Friday - June 3, 2022


  • Improved page up and page down behavior on the equipment screen.
  • Companion clonelings ordered to stay put no longer move around to clone.
  • Molting basilisks that spawn in a zone that's already generated, like when one climbs through a spacetime vortex, no longer place molted husks throughout the zone.
  • Revealed mines and bombs now have much higher priority for being shown in their tile relative to other objects.
  • Smart use near mines and bombs now triggers interaction with them.
  • Crab legs now count as meat.
  • Creatures freed from gentling cones and mask now usually return to conversing as they would have prior to gentling.
  • Goatfolk haunts now have fewer huts and a higher density of qlippoths per hut.
  • Mercurial cloaks are now considered weird artifacts.
  • Digging, in conjunction with autoexplore and normal movement, no longer attempts to burrow through the force bubbles of non-hostile NPCs.
  • Jotun, Fjorn-Kosef, and Haggabah are now marked as having proper names.
  • Chalkboards can now be animated.
  • Duplicating a temporary item using non-temporary metamorphic polygel now creates a non-temporary version of the item.
  • Duplicates created by metamorphic polygel now carry over effects like being broken or cleaved from the parent object.
  • Removed the defunct Waydroids faction.
  • Gave concrete floors to some areas in the Tomb of the Eaters that were missing them.
  • Fixed a bug that caused mutation points to be spent when there were no further random mutations to buy.
  • Fixed a bug that caused villages to sometimes generate without an oven.
  • Fixed a bug that caused wire strands shorter than 25' to not stack with wire strands longer than 25'.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some village wardens to generate without the warden title in their name.
  • Fixed a bug where items duplicated with temporary metamorphic polygel became non-temporary.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the damage message for ranged weapon attacks that killed their target to be suppressed. (Tthe target's death was reported but not the damage.)
  • Fixed a crash when traveling to [redacted].
  • Fixed several rare crashes in the audio manager.
  • Fixed some grammar issues with the messages for when you spot weeps.
  • Fixed a repeat word in blood-gradient hand vacuum description.
  • [modding] Genotypes without available presets are now hidden when selecting a preset character.
  • [modding] Custom embark modes can now skip the Genotype and Subtype modules if they are not applicable.
  • [modding] The CanEquipOverDefaultBehavior event is now honored by attempts to equip items from the equipment screen as well as from the inventory screen.


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Version Jun 04, 2022
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