Feature Friday - May 20, 2022


  • We made several changes, cultural and otherwise, to Kyakukya.
    • Added village monuments and village history snippets.
    • Removed Kyakukyan hunter, mushroom gatherer, and worshipper of Oboroqoru.
    • Oboroqoru worshippers are now generated dynamically and pulled from a wide pool of creatures.
    • Oboroqoru worshipers have new dialog.
    • Made significant edits to Mayor Nuntu's dialog.
    • Gave Mayor Nuntu a new description.
    • Made some edits to Yurl's dialog.
    • Replaced Svenlairnard with someone else.
    • Tweaked woodsprog dialog.
    • Made the quest reward choices for Raising Indrix much better.
    • Added new tiles for mushroom walls.
    • Gave mushroom walls a new description.
    • Changed the brinestalk walls to weathered wood and replaced the flower ground tiles near the Oboroqoru shrine with real flower objects.

  • Added a new set of default keybinds for diagonal movement -- shift+arrow keys -- and diagonal attack -- ctrl+shift+arrow keys.
  • You can no longer block with shields in your thrown weapon slot or bucklers equipped in your hand.
  • Objects drawn into existence with temporary [redacted] are now also temporary.
  • Objects drawn into existence now respect phase.
  • Changed the Naphtaali ASCII glyph to 'n'.
  • Added a notification that automatic laptop defaults aren't currently implemented for the prerelease input manager.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some Palladium Reef maps to build without respecting the worldseed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused line and cone targeting to occasionally ignore visibility.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong map to be named Gyl.
  • Fixed an error when generating grenadier tents in the Stiltgrounds.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented enter from mapping keys on the ability screen.
  • Fixed a bug that caused F2 not to work on the new keybindings screen.
  • Fixed incorrect sound tagging on several melee objects.
  • Fixed pluralization of clay pots.
  • Fixed a rare exception in scoreboard processing.
  • [modding] You can now override existing game state in EmbarkModules.xml.
  • [modding] Added population table support to the ReceiveItem conversation part.
  • [modding] Added conversation predicates: IfZoneID, IfZoneWorld, IfZoneTier, IfZoneLevel.
  • [modding] The "reload" wish now invalidates the sound file cache.
  • [modding] The Sounds mod subdirectory now supports its own arbitrary subdirectories.


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